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This week, everything has been topsy-turvy since I’m battling a flu cold, no doubt the result of not using my humidifier for a few days when I lost its cap. Being sick has left me with the creative blahs, so now is a wonderful excuse to plug my Instagram. I use Instagram like a virtual scrapbook, so I am the queen of random pictures. Warning: Nails and cats are frequent subjects. Follow me, and comment below with your username so I can follow you, too. And, since we’re on the topic, who are your favorite Instagramers?

P.S. Yes, I am eating ice cream in the middle of winter. Freezing temperatures aren’t going to keep me from my vanilla-chocolate-twist waffle cone. No way.

5 Denim Fashion Trends to Shop at the Shopbop Sale

Whether it’s swapping your skinny jeans for flares or perhaps tackling a childhood favorite like overalls, denim is a big trend for spring. This is probably one of the easiest trends to embrace because cute denim pieces can be found at every price point and because you probably already have a few items in your closet.

Today I am featuring pieces that can be found at Shopbop, one of the leading fashion retailers in the world. Now through March 7th, you can take up to 25% off your Shopbop order with the promo code BIGEVENT15.

From flare jeans and overalls to denim skirts and dresses, these are the spring denim fashion trends you need right now.

5 Denim Fashion Trends for 2015

1. Denim Skirt

From school to date night, a denim skirt is the go-to piece for times when the mood is casual but you still want to look girly. I really like the retro feel of the Levi’s Vintage Clothing Casual Skirt because it’s not your typical jean skirt.

2. Denim Dress

Much like the denim skirt, a denim dress is playful without being fussy. I’ve had my eye on this Sea Denim Button Up Dress since I saw it in the lookbook. It’s definitely a favorite.

3. Denim Overalls

The perfect tomboy staple, overalls are great for weekends and music festivals. As a kid, I owned a few pairs, and I am quite tempted by these Levi’s Vintage Clothing Bib and Brace Overalls.

4. Denim Flare Jeans

The skinny jean may not be dead, but it is quickly being replaced by the classic 70’s look. While I’m not wild about huge bell-bottoms, I think it’s time to embrace the flare like these DL1961 The Joy Flare Jeans.

5. Denim Jacket

The jean jacket is having a moment. Embellished, distressed, or plain, there seems to be a version for everybody. I am loving this 6397 Cowboy Coat because (1.) I love long coats and (2.) buttoned up it can be worn as a dress.

P.S. If you have a pair of old jeans you no longer wear, try turning them into a jean skirt with this easy DIY.

BONLOOK Dolled Up Cat Eye Glasses

BONLOOK Dolled Up Cat Eye Glasses

Earlier this month, I posted about my search for new glasses, and I’m happy to report I’ve found a new pair. I realized I wanted frames with personality, so cat eye glasses were just the thing. I’m wearing the Dolled Up glasses from BONLOOK in rose tortoise.

Prescription Women Cat Eye Glasses Dolled Up BonLook

This style comes in five different colors and retails for $99 (that includes frames and prescription lenses). If you have a strong prescription like I do, there is a $30 charge for the thinner lenses. Even with the additional fee, the glasses are a great deal because the lenses have an anti-scratch and anti-glare coating and, also, provide 100% UV protection.

Since I’m super excited about my new cat eye glasses, I made a quick video to tell you a little bit more about them…

What are your plans for the weekend?

Inspired By Downton Abbey Weddings

Downton Abbey Wedding Style I watch Downton Abbey the way some people watch football: No, no! What are you doing? Whyyyyy?

Don’t get me wrong; I love Downton, but the last couple of seasons have been lack luster. Despite characters who’ve become caricatures of themselves, the show still does one thing well – fashion. Season 5 covers the year 1924, and there are so many delightful hats and coats that it almost doesn’t matter nothing is happening story wise. This season, also, featured a wedding, and it’s my favorite gown to date.

Even if you aren’t planning a wedding, these 20’s style gowns are lovely options for formal occasions. While long, white gloves might not be convenient to wear all the time, they do add flair to a sleeveless gown. Like a spotlight in your finger, a vintage style wedding ring is enough to make anyone jealous. A little bit flapper and a little bit hippie, the crystal headband is one of my favorite pieces, but then there are the satin shoes, and they look made for Cinderella.

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Winter Health and Beauty Favorites

5 Winter Health & Beauty Favorites: Lotion socks, humidifier, lip balm, moisturizer, and jojoba oil

It feels like winter is never going to end. The snow is piling up outside my door, and the furnace is cranked up to keep the house warm. Between the cold outside and warm inside, my skin is fighting a major battle against winter. Staying moisturized is key during the winter months, and I have five, favorite products that help me do that.

Lotion socks keep my feet toasty and soft. My favorite pairs come from Bath and Body Works, but Ulta has some cute styles, too. To prevent dry, cracked lips, Burt’s Bees Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm is a real lip saver. I like to use Jojoba Oil on my hands and face after a bath, and POND’S Dry Skin Cream is a must before I put on my makeup. The final tool in my winter survival kit is the Crane USA Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier. I’m convinced it’s helped me quickly fight off winter colds.

To hear more about my winter favorites, watch this short video…

What are your winter must haves?

Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup


Wardrobe Refresh

By: Jennine Jacob

There’s nothing like Fashion Week to get you thinking about your wardrobe. Getting that preview of everything that will hit the streets in six months feels like a little trip to the future. Your present wardrobe? How can you refresh it so it’s future proofed? That’s where paying attention to fashion month comes in handy. This week we look at what’s been happening, and how to give yourself that little treat to keep you from the winter blues.

Links à la Mode: February 19th

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February Wish List: Lace-Up Ballet Flats

Where to buy lace-up ballet flats

Maybe it’s my inner ballerina, but I love the look of lace-up flats. They can be casual or dressy depending on color and material but always chic. While it’s currently to cold for me to wear anything but snow boots, I am dreaming of spring and the opportunity to wear shoes that actually show off my feet. Seen at Michael Kors and Tibi, the lace-up flat is poised to be this season’s shoe of choice. While I have fallen hard for the selection at Free People, I am tempted to try to make my own pair.

What are you wishing for this month?

4 Gowns Inspired by Oscar Nominated Films

I don’t know what you’ll be doing this Sunday, but I will be camped out on my couch watching the Oscars. Award shows can be boring, but there is something exciting about watching the Oscars. The gowns. The speeches. The montages. It’s a film and fashion lover’s dream.

To get into the spirit, here are four Oscar worthy gowns and the nominated films that could have inspired them.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

A dark comedy and art heist rolled into one, The Grand Budapest Hotel is a melancholy confection. This Halston Heritage gown reminds me of the pink Mendl’s boxes and, of course, the Grand Budapest Hotel.

Halston Heritage Gown inspired by The Grand Budapest Hotel

Halston Heritage Strapless Jacquard Gown

The Imitation Game

The term war games takes on new meaning as a group of mathematicians try to crack Enigma while World War II rages on. Playing on the puzzle theme, this geometric maxi dress makes a dramatic statement.

The Imitation Game movie inspired gown

Gareth Pugh Geometric Devoré-Velvet Maxi Dress

The Theory of Everything

The bittersweet story of love, illness, and genius follows the relationship of Stephen Hawking and Jane Wilde. The movie begins in the 1960’s with Jane wearing a lot of blue, so this gown seems like the perfect tribute.

5 Gowns Inspired by Oscar Nominees

Halston Heritage Cotton And Silk-Blend Gown

Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

How do you describe a movie like Birdman? Trippy? Heartbreaking? Inspiring? All of the above. Like the bright red the movie poster, this gown is simple yet eye catching.
A red gown for Birdman

Herve Leger Ellen Gown

Do you have a favorite Oscar nominee?

Happy. Pretty. Sweet.

This cold and dreary February has given me a case of the Winter Blues, but my week significantly brightened when the wonderful Charlotte of My Pixie Blog nominated me for a Very Inspirational Blogger Award.

Happy. Pretty. Sweet.: A Very Inspirational Blogger Award

I always look forward to a new post from Charlotte and am so honored that she thought of me. Here are some things that have been inspiring me despite the winter gloom…


I love to sing, but despite a childhood spent in children’s choirs, I developed a fear of singing in public. I’m a strong believer in not allowing fear to rule your life, so I’ve started taking voice lessons. My first lesson was last week, and even though we only worked on a few scales, I felt so incredibly happy after my lesson that I know I’m on the right track.


My favorite nail polish of the moment is Cosmo from Zoya. It makes my nails feel like they are covered in diamonds. I like that feeling.

zoya nail polish in Cosmo


This afternoon my mom and I went out for an early Valentine’s Day treat. We both got heart shaped, chocolate chip cookies covered in frosting. The cookie was bliss, but it can’t compare to the time I get to spend with my mom.

I would like to nominate the following bloggers for the Very Inspirational Blogger Award:

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5. Mention three things that inspired you the most during the past few weeks.

What’s inspiring you?