RocksBox: A Jewelry Rental Subscription

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your jewelry box could magically be filled with new pieces every month? While it’s not magic, Rocksbox is the closet thing I’ve found. For only $19 a month, Rocksbox gives you unlimited access to designer jewelry. A stylist sends you three pieces based on your personal preferences and wish list. You can keep the pieces as long as you’d like or return them at any time for your next three pieces. The average value of each set is $200.
Wishing your jewelry box was always full of new pieces? Rocksbox lets you rent designer jewelry for only $19 a month.

I was sent the following pieces:

  • Sophie Harper Triangle Pendant Necklace in Gold (value $50)
  • Gorjana Axel Drop Earrings (value $55)
  • Jules Smith Big Bang Midi Ring Set (value $55)

At first, I was a little disappointed that the pieces were so similar, but then I read the stylist’s note and saw that she had built the set around the necklace, which was on my wish list. While I was hoping for a variety of statement and delicate pieces, the trio I was sent quickly won me over. I really like the necklace and ring set, and it was exciting to get a package of sparkly things in the mail.

Wishing your jewelry box was always full of new pieces? Rocksbox lets you rent designer jewelry for only $19 a month.

It’s a little weird wearing earrings that other people have worn, but all of the jewelry I received was clean and in good condition. Accidentally losing a piece makes me nervous, and I really appreciate that the jewelry was sent in little bags, which make keeping track of everything easy. In the end, I liked the jewelry I received, but I don’t think I will continue with the service because I would rather spend $19 a month on something I can keep instead of jewelry I have to send back. It is nice that you are given $10 to spend on your current set, but the credit expires in a month, so you can’t save up the credits.
Wishing your jewelry box was always full of new pieces? Rocksbox lets you rent designer jewelry for only $19 a month.

My first month was free thanks to an invite code from Beth, and you can try Rocksbox for free, too! Just enter my invite code (ABFF25) to get your first month free.

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Sweet Links

Fill your weekend with these sweet links!

I can’t get enough of The Lively Show, and this interview with Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, is so good.

Fangirl moment… Have you seen the new videos for Doctor Who and Sherlock?

I love this so much. Can We Just, Like, Get Over the Way Women Talk? I’ve pulled a quote, but you really must read the whole thing…

“At first blush, all of this speaking advice sounds like empowerment. Stop sugarcoating everything, ladies! Don’t hedge your requests! Refuse to water down your opinions! But are women the ones who need to change? If I’m saying something intelligent and all a listener can hear is the way I’m saying it, whose problem is that?”

How to Adult: 5 “Grown-Up” Recipes to Have in Your Arsenal

This Printable Blog Post Tracker will help you stay organized when it comes to posting product reviews.

How sweet are these Orange Creamsicle Nails?

Strobing is the new contouring. See herehere, and here.

Offline Dating is a sweet, short film.

These late night snacksicles look yummy!

Improve your photography skills with the SITS Summer Photography Challenge.

Sales! Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale through 8/2. Plus save 40% off sale styles at LOFT and 70% off sale items from French Connection.

This week’s Top 5 Wednesday video…

P.S. In case you missed it, here are some things I’ve been blogging about lately:Last Minute Wedding Gift Ideas, Summer Reading Challenge: Maybe in Another Life, Inspired By Blue Crush, and 5 Things To Know Before Doing The Color Run.

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Christmas in July

I don’t want to alarm anyone, but we have six months till Christmas. Somehow six months feels both too soon and too far away. But, why not indulge in a little holiday spirit and celebrate Christmas in July!

With six months to Christmas, why not celebrate the holiday spirit with Christmas in July!

While it is probably too hot for the traditional Christmas sweater, this Ugly Christmas Sweater T-Shirt is just right for summer weather. Complete your holiday look with Moto Vintage Daisy Shorts and Soludos Classic Sandal. It wouldn’t be Christmas in July without cookies, so if it’s too hot to bake, try ordering some sweet treats like this Cookie and Brownie Gift Set. Munch away as you watch your favorite holiday films (like Elf) or read an updated Christmas classic (like A Christmas Carol: The Graphic Novel).

Do you celebrate Christmas in July?

P.S. Denim lovers take note that the new Alexa Chung x AG collection launches on Shopbop July 23rd!

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Last Minute Wedding Gift Ideas

Forget to buy your friend a gift for her wedding? Got an unexpected invitation to an old friend’s bridal shower? Did your cousin just announce she eloped? These last minute wedding gift ideas will quickly get you out of the jam all while making you look cool and creative in the gift giving department.

These last minute wedding gift ideas are sure to please the happy couple!

♥ Surprise the happy couple with the Ticket Stub Diary so they can keep track of movies, concerts, and other events they attend together. To make this gift extra special, throw in tickets to a local event or a gift card to the cinema.

♥ For the couple that likes to be prepared, gift them this Calling For A Medic First Aid Box and fill it with fun bandages and other first aid necessities.

♥ Grilled cheese lovers will rejoice when they see this darling Snoopy Grilled Cheese Maker. Include a grocery store gift card so they can stock up on yummy cheese and bread.

♥ The geeky twosome will adore this Han Solo™ and Princess Leia™ Stacking Mug Set. Add some tea and a Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser to show them that The Force is strong with you.

♥ Delight the musical newlyweds with the Take Your Turntable. Don’t forget to include some vintage LPs.

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Summer Reading Challenge: Beautiful Girl

It wouldn’t be summer without a reading challenge, and I’m so excited to once again be doing the BookSparks Summer Reading Challenge! This summer’s theme is travel, so the challenge has books set allover the world. Now, it’s time to crack open a book, and see where the words take you…

This summer follow along with the BookSparks Summer Reading Challenge. Why not pick up Beautiful Girl by Fleur Philips?

Location: Montana

First Line Teaser: Clarissa sees Decker Bail before I do.

At only seventeen, Melanie Kennicut is already a successful actress and model, but her life is turned upside down when a car accident scars her face. Melanie’s overly controlling mother doesn’t want anyone to see Melanie until she has plastic surgery, so the two of them leave LA for Montana. Melanie hopes the summer away from LA will mean her mom will let her be just a normal teenager, but when her mom freaks out about her talking to the cute, young gardener, Melanie decides to break the rules and drive off with Sam. Unknowingly, Melanie sets off a chain of events that have tragic consequences.

This is a sad book, and the story was quite different from what I originally expected. I thought the story would focus on the idea that beauty is only skin deep. Instead, Fleur Philips’ Beautiful Girl is your typical YA coming of age story with an unexpected twist.

Melanie’s relationship with her mother is heartbreaking, and while I’m not fond of love at first sight stories, Melanie’s desperation to be with someone who likes her even with her scars makes sense. Sam is dealing with his own family issues, and the two quickly form a bond with each other. While I found the touch of Native American mysticism trite, Sam’s family was one of my favorite parts.

My struggle with Beautiful Girl came about halfway through the book when the story seemed to change out of nowhere. Suddenly, I was no longer reading a coming of age novel but a thriller. The shift just didn’t make sense to me, and I didn’t like the way Melanie’s mom was quickly portrayed in a new light. I would have much preferred the unhappy teenager and micromanaging stage mom work out their differences like normal people instead of being brought together through such a dramatic event. In general, I don’t like sad books, so it’s not surprising that this is not my favorite read of the summer. However, if you don’t mind sad books, you might enjoy Beautiful Girl.

You can find out more about Fleur Philips by visiting her website and following her on Twitter and Facebook.

This summer follow along with the BookSparks Summer Reading Challenge.

This book was sent to me for review and is part of BookSparks Summer Reading Challenge.

This summer follow along with the BookSparks Summer Reading Challenge.

P.S. Don’t forget to check out other books from the BookSparks Summer Reading Challenge – The Balance ProjectEight Hundred Grapes, and Maybe in Another Life!

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Wish List: Summer Trends 2015

This has been the rainiest summer I can remember. I’m not talking thunderstorms and tornadoes, just plain, old rainy days. Today is the only day it’s not supposed to rain this week, and it’s really nice to have a break from the gray skies. Now, let’s talk of pleasanter things like summer trends and other good things.

There are so many cute trends this summer! Cold shoulder tops and platform wedges are just a couple of my favorite looks.

July's wish list is all about summer trends 2015!  From the It bag to denim, here are five fashionable things trending this summer.

Summer Trends 2015

The Cold Shoulder Top

A little sexy without being too revealing, the cold shoulder top is popping up everywhere. This sweet tee from Ella Moss looks perfect for a hot, summer day.

Mirrored Sunglasses

One of my favorite trends from last summer is still going strong. My favorite style to wear is the mirrored aviator like these Ray-Ban Cockpit Aviator Sunglasses.

The It Bag

From wish lists to celebrity street style, the Chloe ‘Drew’ Leather Crossbody Bag is seemingly everywhere. This modern saddle bag’s classic shape makes it a wardrobe staple for those who can afford to splurge.

Platform Wedges

With the height of heels and the stability of wedges, this sporty shoe is gaining in popularity. And, thankfully, it is more flattering than the flatforms of seasons past. Check out these Charles By Charles David Megan Platform Wedge Sandals, which are currently on sale.


I know. We’ve talked about this before. Denim is one of my favorite trends this summer, but it’s hard to go wrong with a denim mini skirt any time of the year. I love the shape of this Topshop Button Front Denim Skirt, a Nordstrom Exclusive.

Shop the Look!

In other news…

I finished reading The Girl on the Train, and since some of you asked how I liked the book, I thought I would share some of my thoughts in a video. The short answer is that I liked it, but it is nothing like Gone Girl.

P.S. Come back tomorrow for the next book in the BookSparks Summer Reading Challenge!

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Inspired By Blue Crush

One of my favorite summer movies is Blue Crush, the 2002 film about surfer girls living in Hawaii. While the story is your typical teen drama, the underwater filming is breathtaking. I know very little about surfing, but the cinematography seems to really capture the action that happens on the waves. Plus, I love the girls’ mix match style. The best friends live in a beach shack and do no have a lot of money, so their clothes reflect that penny pinching lifestyle. It’s, also, the early 2000’s, so hemp jewelry, beachy braids, and denim cutoffs play a major role in their looks.

How to Get the Look

Embrace summer with this beachy look inspired by the movie Blue Crush.

Blue Crush surfer girl loves her well worn basics, so a distressed denim mini skirt and simple white tank top are a good place to start. A string bikini underneath means you are ready to hit the waves at a moments notice. Accessorize with a hemp necklace, leather cuff bracelet, and comfy flip flops and your easy, summer look is complete. Now, if only the girls’ surfing prowess was so easy to copy…

Shop the Look!

What movie inspires your summer look?

P.S. If you want to give your hair beachy waves without the beach, try this DIY Vanilla Sea Salt Beachy Waves Spray!

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Friday again. I’m dizzy at the thought of how quickly this year is passing. The days are long, but the weeks are short. Currently posts are quickly become one of my favorite types to read. I love a glimpse into the lives of my favorite bloggers, and I figure it is high time for me to do a Currently post of my own.

Currently... reading, writing, and so much more.

Reading: Fat, Forty, and Fired by Nigel Marsh (just finished!). The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (never gets old!).

Watching: Jane Eyre (because the costumes and sets are beautiful) and Poldark (because… have you seen the trailer? No explanation needed).

Eating: Chocolate chip cookies. Cutting back on gluten has really cut into my rage baking, but at least, Immaculate Baking Co.’s Gluten Free Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough is helping to fill the baking void.

Vlogging: This week’s Top 5 Wednesday topic asked vloggers to show the non-bookish things on their bookshelves. Here’s a look at some of the random things taking up my shelf space.

Listening To: Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol.1. This soundtrack feels like summer and deserves to be on repeat.

Cleaning: House. That probably doesn’t sound like fun, and it’s not really. There’s a lot of sorting and tossing/selling/donating going on, but it’s time to let some things go.

Working On: Drawing. There are only a few weeks left of my drawing class at the museum. Learning to see what’s actually there and not what you assume is there can be frustrating, but slowly my drawings are starting to take the proper shape, and I’m learning an important life lesson as well.

Exercising: Walking in the park. It’s amazing how a few turns around the park can clear your head and make the day seem not so bad. Also, Mary Helen Bowers is fantastic.

In other news…

I’m so happy to be featured in this week’s IFB Links à la Mode! If you want to participate, submit your fashionable links to the Independent Fashion Bloggers Facebook page.

Links a la Mode

Inspired by Greatness by Kim Toomey

I found myself inspired by you all to start my own fashion blog. No, it hasn’t happened, but a gal can dream. IFB bloggers had smart advice on the business of blogging this week by sharing tips on collaboration, their own favorite bloggers, and translating high fashion for the real world and budget. I also loved how some of you took me out of my world and shared beautiful traditions and regional fashion. And for those of you wondering which current designer matches your zodiac sign, follow along with Amethyst Honey. That was a new one.

Links à la Mode, July 9

SPONSOR: Shopbop sale, red bikinis, cupcakes and cashmere, Tarin Thomas, Joanna Constantine, Emanuel Ungaro, Alexa Wagner, blue dresses, black blouses, anna sui, bella freud, Adina Reyter, Ca & Lou, Paul & Joe Siste

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5 Things To Know Before Doing The Color Run

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I did The Color Run the end of last month. Thanks to Tiffany from Mrs. Tee Love Life Laughter, I won a free entry for The Color Run Shine Tour. The day was cool and rainy, but it was still a lot of fun since my cousin joined me on this 5K adventure. This was my first time completing a race that was more party than competition, and since this is not your typical race, here are some things I learned…

5 Things To Know Before Doing The Color Run

5 Things To Know About Doing The Color Run

1. Keep your phone in a plastic bag.

I read this piece of advice before the race, but I thought keeping my phone in my pocket during the color zones would be enough to protect it. Wrong. My pockets were full of colored cornstarch by the end of the race and my phone was, too. The wet weather didn’t help things since wet cornstarch is even harder to pick out of your phone. Thankfully, my phone is fine now, although there may have been a few hours with little to no audio…

5 Things To Know About Doing The Color Run

2. The real color happens at the end of the race.

When you see the promo shots, it looks like the color zones are a magic cloud of color. In reality, there are people standing on the sidelines with ketchup bottle style containers full of colored cornstarch that they squirt on you as you pass them. Not very magical and a little odd since you kind of have to walk up to a stranger and be like, “Color me!” I’m exaggerating. Slightly. Still, if your dream is leaving the race looking like you did a tie-dyed Tough Mudder, the after race party is where it is at. The Finish Festival is where you unleash your packets of color (helpfully handed to you after the race) while jumping around like a hippie at Woodstock. Happiest 5K on the planet indeed.

5 Things To Know About Doing The Color Run

3. The color really does come out.

You start the race wearing your complimentary white t-shirt, and by the end of the morning, you are covered in color. Your shoes are covered in color. Your car is covered in color. The good news is that the color really does wash out. A good shower removed all the color from my hair and body. One wash, also, removed all the color from my clothes. I was a little sad that the color even came out of my Color Run tee, even though I had followed the vinegar and ironing instructions for preserving it. I still wouldn’t risk doing The Color Run on a day when you have an important event, but otherwise, no worries.

5 Things To Know About Doing The Color Run

4. You don’t need to run. Walking is totally cool.

The great thing about The Color Run is that this is a race that encourages people to get out and exercise no matter their fitness level. Never done a 5K before? No problem. This is the race for you. You can run. You can walk. You can dance. Just get yourself to the finish line. And, trust me, there are a lot of walkers. #DidntEvenRun

5 Things To Know About Doing The Color Run

5. Have fun.

You will walk through clouds of pink and blue and orange. You will be pelted with silver glitter. You will quite possibly take more steps in an hour than you ever do on a normal day, but it will be fun. And, at the end, you get a shiny gold medal. Do it for the shiny. #JustDoIt

P.S. If you liked this post, you might like The 5K Friend Date!

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Dream of the 90’s

My dream of the 90’s is alive and well this summer as you can see from today’s outfit post. The look started with a bucket hat – to be more specific, the Scala Lahaina Sun Hat that Lipton Publicity sent me for review. The brightly colored, packable hat has a UPF 50+ rating, making it the perfect accessory for my walks in the park. Continuing with the 90’s trend, I rolled my jeans for that love-it-or-hate-it cuff and accessorized with a leather hobo bag and silver heart necklace. While this look isn’t full on 90’s, I think it is the right mix of modern and vintage throwback.

Embrace your dream of the 90's with a bucket hat and rolled jeans.

Embrace your dream of the 90's with a bucket hat and rolled jeans.

Embrace your dream of the 90's with a bucket hat and rolled jeans.

The pictures were shot outside my local library. Since it was Sunday, the library was closed, making it the perfect photo shoot opportunity. For a smallish city, we have a very well stocked library, for which I am eternally grateful. I am sure I drive the librarians crazy with my endless book requests and frequent visits. #bookwormproblems

Embrace your dream of the 90's with a bucket hat and rolled jeans.

Embrace your dream of the 90's with a bucket hat and rolled jeans.

What I’m Wearing: Gap Modern Stripe V Neck Tee. Miss Me JeansScala Lahaina Sun Hat (c/o Lipton Publicity). Unknown brand necklace. Pandora Bracelets. Tiffany & Co. Bracelet. Coach Bag. Kino Sandals Alpalgata.

How do you feel about 90’s trends?

P.S. If you are a fan of the bucket hat, check out this brief history of the trend.

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