My Latest Obsessions


I discovered Lifeway Kefir earlier this summer, and it is so good.  If you’ve never had kefir before, it is kind of like a drinkable yogurt.  It’s great for breakfast or as a snack.  So far, my favorite flavor is blueberry but raspberry is, also, good.  Plus, it’s supposed to support digestive health and immunity.  Kroger often has at least one flavor on sale.


Endgame is a Canadian TV show that aired a few years ago.  While it only lasted one season, it is definitely worth watching, especially if you are looking for something to hold you over until the next season of Sherlock.  Endgame is about a chess master who witnessed his fiance’s murder.  The trauma has made it impossible for him to leave the luxury hotel where they were staying, so he solves puzzles/crimes as a way to pay his rent and pass the time.  The show is available on hulu.


Wunderlist is an amazing way to keep track of lists.  Free and easy to use, the app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, and Mac.  I like to use it for keeping track of to-do lists as well as random lists such as movies to watch and things to buy.  I, also, like that I can set a deadline, which helps with prioritizing.  If you are a list maker, this is the app for you.