An Afternoon Festival

Some moves are more difficult than others, and this last move has been a doozy.  While only an hour away from where I lived before, this town feels strange, and I feel strange in it.  It’s a quiet area that indulges in random events that can only be found by those who have already been before.  However, a daily reading of the newspaper, much like reading a treasure map, can lead you to the most unlikely of places…

german armerican festival

This town loves heritage festivals.  Usually, I hear about them after they’ve happened, but the newspaper has been touting the German-American Festival for the past week.

German American Festival

The festival is a celebration of all things German, which meant food and beer were the order of the day.

German-American Festival

This place served the best potato salad I have ever eaten, and I don’t even like potato salad.

funnel cake

What’s a festival without funnel cake?

festival fair

There were even carnival rides.

what i wore

Top:  Denim & Supply Bohemian Beach Top (similar)

Jeans: Not Your Daughter’s Jeans (similar)

Hat:  Scala (c/o Lipton Publicity)

Bag:  Antonio Melani

Sunglasses:  Gap

Shoes:  Nike

While Lederhosen and dirndls were worn by many festival goers, I was not as colorfully attired.  Maybe next year.  I am, however, sporting the much eyed green wristband, which was only given to those over 21 and under 30.  It was the most fashionable accessory of the festival.

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