Halloween In Your Closet: Doctor Who

It’s the eve of October which means it is time to start thinking about Halloween.  While it can be fun to spend months planning and making your costume, sometimes you need a costume quick.  Sometimes a costume is just waiting to be discovered in your closet.

Since it is the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, a Doctor Who inspired costume is a must, and when it comes to quick and easy costumes, it doesn’t get much easier than this.

doctor who the silence

Fellow Whovians will get what this is, but for those not in the know… there are these aliens called the Silence who are forgotten as soon as a person looks away.  People mark themselves to keep track of how many Silence they have seen.  For inspiration, see Amy Pond pictures here and here and episode trailer here.

doctor who the silence

For this costume you only need a black eyeliner pencil or a marker.  I used an eyeliner pencil because I thought it would be easier to remove.  Make random tally marks on exposed skin.  To really get into character, carry a marker and randomly mark yourself throughout the night.  When people ask you what you’re doing, say you don’t remember…

doctor who the silence

Any quick and easy costume suggestions?