Why Don’t You…?

rose sketch

Pass out Valentines to all of your friends?

Visit an art museum?

Whip up a batch of cookie dough fudge?

Take a friend out to lunch?

Try this easy heart manicure?

Check out a stack of books from the library?

Post a picture a day on Instagram?

Watch classic films such as Gone With The Wind and Casablanca?

Celebrate National Wear Red Day?

Host a Valentine’s Day dinner party?


  1. I would like to post at least daily on Instagram! Sometimes I forget for way too long.
    The cookie dough fudge? Oh, it’s so on.
    And the heart manicure had some funky music!

  2. I don’t know.. why don’t I?
    Already got that stack of books check out..
    Fudge doesn’t seem like a great idea right now since I need to work on loosing some of the baby weight..
    Heart manicure sounds cute.

  3. I’ve been trying to be more active on Instagram, and if I remember, I will wear red on Friday. But I totally love that nail art. I had no idea I could use a band-aid to make a heart manicure.

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