A Brief History of Jelly Shoes

A Brief History of Jelly Shoes

ASOS HEY! Heeled Jelly Shoes

Thanks to World War II, there was a leather shortage in Europe. Legend has it that a French shoemaker created the first pair of jelly shoes in 1946. Monsieur Jean Dauphant‘s plastic shoes, nicknamed Méduse (meaning jellyfish), featured an instantly recognizable fisherman’s weave and started a trend for plastic shoes that other designers would experiment with in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Interestingly, Grendene, a Brazilian shoe company, also, claims to have introduced jelly shoes to the world.  Melissa, a celebrity and fashionista favorite, is a part of Grendene and continues to design trendsetting, plastic shoes.  Jelly shoes really took off in the 1980’s, and chances are that if you grew up in the 80’s you owned at least one pair.

A Brief History of Jelly Shoes

Melissa Grey Crystal Studded Transparent Jellies

Today, you can find jelly shoes in many different styles from the classic sandal to ballet flats, boots, and loafers, but if you are looking for a classic pair with ties to Monsieur Jean Dauphant’s original, visit Sun Jellies.

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  1. How cool is this! I so remember having jelly shoes as a child and I had no idea that they have been around this long! Very interesting! Wishing you an outstanding week ahead! Nicole xo