My Style Uniform: Five Key Pieces

I find the idea of a minimalist wardrobe appealing, but in practice, I need more than just a handful of pieces.  It’s so boring to wear the same thing over and over again.  However, last month, Xandra from Fashionably Light posted My Style, in 5 Key Items, which is about the five items that define her style.  Then, Kristian from Never Fully Dressed (Without A Style) recently posted Q+A: 5 Things in Every Girl’s Closet and asked other bloggers what five pieces every woman should own.  So, I started thinking about my style and the pieces I keep repeating…

My Style Uniform: Five Key Pieces

1.  Jeans

I’m moving away from skinny jeans and am embracing the bootcut.  I like jeans with a darker rinse and a little bling, such as the Miss Me pair in the video.

2.  Cream Tops

I usually avoid anything white or cream because I am so pale, but cream is slowly invading my wardrobe.  Off white tops and jackets get dressed up with colorful scarves and cardigans.  Some of my favorite tops are from American Eagle and Denim & Supply.

3.  Cardigans

Layers are key since it’s impossible to count on the weather or air conditioning.  J. Crew makes great cardigans in a variety of styles.

4.  Scarves

Scarves are nice because they instantly make an outfit look put together, and you don’t have to splurge to get something cute.  The blue scarf is from Brokedown and came in my March 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box.

5.  Flats

Ballet flats, sandals, sneakers, I wear a lot of flat shoes.  This summer, I can’t stop talking about my red Keds; I wear them almost everyday.

The wonderful thing about personal style is that it evolves, and the five pieces that define my style today may be completely different from what I wear next year.  I think that is what makes fashion so exciting.  Fashion allows you to reinvent yourself one piece at a time.

My Style Uniform

What five pieces define your current style?


  1. #1 is jeans, definitively #2 jewelry – I love necklaces and funky pieces, as well as classic staples. #3 boots in the winter, flat sandals in the summer #4 a great bag and #5 black tops. I have a ton!

    Do you have a Francesca’s Collection near you? They have great scarves, and they are very reasonably priced.
    Dana recently posted..Summertime and the reading is easyMy Profile

  2. Love your picks! I would say my five pieces would be nude pumps, distressed jeans, a good white t, flip flops, and a nice jersey dress for casual.

  3. Oh my gosh you are ADORABLE!!! I love your style, we actually have a similar style, my creams tend to fall in the boho style though 🙂 ummm did you say old?!? You are far from that!! Me, on the other hand…. ((Womp, womp))

  4. Cardigans are such a key piece for me! I’m always wearing one of have one with me. I sometimes swap them out for a blazer if I want to look smart but I’ll never completely replace them!

    Corinne x
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  5. I love boot cut jeans! I can’t wear white because of my clutziness, but I second the usefulness of scarves and cardigans. I’m trying to claw together some style by turning my wardrobe into 75% dresses (layering is a must in this state, and dress + leggings + cardigan + scarf = perfect).
    Beth W recently posted..Literary Friday: Ancestors of AvalonMy Profile

  6. I’d like to move on to bootcut but I haven’t yet.
    I’d say for me it’s, sundresses, skinny jeans, a red peacoat, fuchsia shirts, and black boots.
    Not all together

  7. I love jeans (skinny) and flats too. Definitely in my top 5 as well. I’ve also been wearing more white and cream tops–something I never thought I would do a year ago.

  8. Hi Akaleista!

    Oh my gosh, you are such a sweetie and so funny to watch (in a good way). I loved your comment in the video about how you wear a lot of jeans…and a lot of sweat pants!!! Very endearing!

    Hmmm, top 5 pieces is a very tricky one (maybe I’ll have to have a think and do this post too?!). But off the top of my head and being that its winter here in little old NZ, land of the Hobbits!!!

    1). A wool coat -whether it’s a tailored, a duffle coat, parka style, wool in NZ is a must!
    2).Leather ankle boots (with a block heel if you’re a shortie like me/ or flats if you have legs for that go on forever!).
    3). A blouse or button down shirt with long sleeves- great for layering and looking smart under a jumper.
    4). Woolen jumper with a high-low hem- so flattering on different body shapes and you can find styles that are either fitted or loose.
    5). Like you I’m moving away from skinny jeans…but culottes or palazzo pants????
    5a). Yes I know this is cheating…but everyone should have at last one dress in their wardrobe…Dresses are great for Monday’s where you don’t have to think about what to wear, they can transcend seasons(with the addition of leggings or tights) and if it’s a dress that makes you feel great, then you’ll always look and feel good wearing it.

    There you go. My top 5.5 pieces…okay, maybe 6 from the girl who has far too many clothes in her closet but never has anything to wear!!!

    Sonia xo
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  9. I am so with you but instead of cardigans, I tend to go for jackets. I used to have a pair of red Keds…I wonder what happened to them…
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  10. Horaay for another basics post. I always find it interesting how each person’s “uniform” inevitably leaks one’s personality. It tells a lot.

    Great post!
    jenny recently posted..Item Number One.My Profile