Floral Friday: A Flower Arrangement


The sunflower is mine, in a way. – Vincent van Gogh

The farmers’ market is on Thursday, so that is when the tiny downtown comes alive with people and vendors. All summer, I have looked longingly at the bunches of sunflowers that have spilled out of vendors’ tents, but I never bought any. I wish I was the type of girl who bought fresh flowers every week, but there are so many other temptations, such as shoes or cookies or books, that flowers somehow get forgotten.  However, I have always loved sunflowers, so one week I splurged on the lovely bunch pictured above.  I proudly walked down the sidewalk clutching my handful of flowery sunshine, and life felt good.


 Motel Tiara Dress Sunflower

Floral Fridays is a monthly photography project with different themes each month. This series is about fun and taking time out to smell the flowers. To play along, please email Trishie (trishie@underlockandkeyblog.com) for next month’s theme.


  1. You captured those sunflowers so beautifully! One of my favorite blooms sure to put a smile on anyones face! Lovely weekend to you! Nicole xo

  2. I totally know what you mean about buying flowers. I love the idea of doing it but never really follow through, although my husband grew up with flowers in the house and my mother-in-law is a dab hand at arranging flowers.
    I’m not sure exactly what the blog hop is, but I’m curious so might jump on board!

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  3. How cute! I mean I like to look at them and find them pretty, I just don’t find myself gushing over it. I received flowers from my bf once..that was the first and last time I received flowers after realizing that I didn’t care for them.I like them on my paintings and fabrics though 🙂
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  4. So gorgeous. In Italy we call them Girasole – which means something to the effect of Sun Turner. They are one of my favorite flowers to see en mass.