Why Don’t You…?


Make a summer scrapbook?

Go fishing?

Eats lots of marshmallows on S’mores Day and Toasted Marshmallow Day?

Give yourself an Avengers inspired manicure?

Wear a sundress every day?

Bake a batch of Cinnamon Graham S’more Cupcakes?

Write a fan letter?

Read a book from the year you were born?

Take a friend out to dinner?

Fly a kite?


  1. I do wear a sundress nearly every day! We’re having a cold front this weekend so it’s been leggings both days.
    Feels really weird for August.

  2. Oh my goodness… I love all of these things! And that manicure is adorable 🙂 I try to wear a sundress whenever possible in the summer (have one on now matter of fact). Thanks so much for the comment love so I could find my way back here 🙂 hope you enjoyed your weekend!

  3. Goodreads has a list of the most popular books by year. Kind of impressed with the books from my year – 1962. I’ve been meaning to read Madeleine L’Engle’s book A Wrinkle in Time. This would be fun to do. Especially during my birthday month.

  4. I love the idea of reading a book published when I was born. I had a few of those before and these days tend to look for fashion magazines published in the month and year of my birth. 🙂

  5. Sweet suggestions and intriguing image for a whimsical summer! The Greek version would definitely include: eat a Greek salad, swim in the Aegean, see a movie under the stars, walk on the pier, wear a toga inspired dress, smell the jasmine and the frangipani flowers, visit a monastery for some serenity, and dance till dawn! Thanks for sharing and inspiring me!


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