A Brief History of Charm Bracelets

A Brief History of Charm Bracelets

There is something about the tinkle of charms around your wrist and the secret story each charm holds. While charm bracelets first made their appearance in ancient Egypt, they continue to grace the wrists of fashionable ladies. What started as a talisman to ward off evil has turned into a beautiful way to remember important moments in your life.

One lover of charm bracelets was Queen Victoria, who even presented charms to her family and friends on New Year’s. Prince Albert loved showering Queen Victoria with jewelry and to celebrate the birth of their first child, he gave the queen this simple charm bracelet and added an enamel locket whenever another child was born. However, this locket charm bracelet was one of the queen’s favorites.

One of the most famous charm bracelets is the Cartier cheap adderall 30mg cross bracelet that King Edward VIII gave to Wallis Simpson, the eventual Duchess of Windsor. The stunning bracelet features a diamond encrusted chain with nine gemstone crosses. Each of the Latin crosses is engraved with a date and a note to mark the occasion, including one cross to mark the Duchess’ appendectomy.

Another fan of charm bracelets was Elizabeth Taylor, whose jewelry collection rivaled many royal collections. If you are obsessed with jewelry, I highly recommend Elizabeth Taylor: My Love Affair with Jewelry. It is spectacular. Elizabeth was quite fond of charm bracelets (Christie’s auctioned off five from her collection). This one, with its eclectic collection of charms, is a wrist-sized personal history.

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  1. Outstanding history of the charm bracelet!!! Makes me love them even more and the ones you picked up there are stunning! Happy weekend lady! Nicole xo

  2. Pretty jewels! I love bracelets! But when you mentioned Elizabeth Tailor is not fair 🙂 Because she was beaultiful with jewels or not 🙂 Great article and thanks!