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At the start of a new year, everyone makes goals about living a healthier lifestyle, but where to start? Passionate Nutrition: A Guide to Using Food as Medicine from a Nutritionist Who Healed Herself from the Inside Out by Jennifer Adler is a good place.

Adler is a Certified Nutritionist as well as founder and owner of Passionate Nutrition. In her new book, Adler discusses The Food As Medicine Movement™ and how she was able to rebuild her life after a childhood of neglect and poor nutrition.

The memoir/guide book/cookbook is easy to understand and emphasizes eating healthy food to treat problems such as anxiety, depression, weight issues, and digestive stress. While I haven’t tried the recipes yet, I have started following Adler’s suggestions to cut back on sugar, eat more protein, and add fermented foods to my diet, and I’ve noticed that I feel better when I do that.

What I found most eye opening about the book was learning that fat isn’t the bad guy it has been made out to be over the last several decades. In fact, high sugar consumption is now considered to be the cause of many health issues. The World Health Organization recommends limiting sugar to 25 grams per day. Good luck with that. It’s not just about cutting back dessert but, also, reading labels on everything from milk to meat. It’s frightening how much sugar is added to American food.

I mentioned this book in my last post, and reading it has inspired me to pay more attention to what I am putting in my body. I believe that the best place to start for a healthy life is not the medicine cabinet but the kitchen. I highly recommend reading Passionate Nutrition and learning about the kind of food your body needs to be its best. And, don’t worry about being shamed for occasionally cheating. Adler emphasizes listening to your body and eating healthy most of the time but not punishing yourself for occasionally indulging in something unhealthy, which is good since my next book review is about dessert.

 This book was sent to me by BookSparks in exchange for an honest review.


  1. So, I have been really bad at Paleo, I’ve started and stopped a zillion times, but in doing so I’ve learned a ton. One of the biggest things I learned protein and fat are good, sugar not so much.
    I did see change in myself physically & mentally.
    Kudos to you, stick with it.
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  2. I am in complete agreement with Ms. Adler’s stance. I come from a long line of folks who believe food can heal the mind, body, heart, and soul. I think that just may be ingrained in Southerners. 😉
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