Hair Color is My Mood Ring

Hair color is my mood ring? What does your hair color say about you?

Hair color is my mood ring. When I’m sad or need a change, my hair is the first to feel it. I’ve been dyeing my hair since I was 16, and the first color I chose was called Caribbean Mahogany, a rich auburn red. Since then, my hair has been dyed black and blonde and back to brown, but no color feels like me the way redΒ hair does.

Hair color is my mood ring? What does your hair color say about you?

Red is feisty, fiery, fierce. All the things I want to be. Alas, I am a natural brunette, and my dream of becoming a ginger without using bleach has not yet come to pass. So, my hair is auburn, a happy compromise between red and brunette. In most lights, my hair looks like a warm brown, but when the light hits my hair just right, my hair is unmistakably red. Maybe my hair color isn’t just my mood ring but, also, a metaphor for my life… You think I’m one thing, but actually, I’m a little bit of everything all rolled into one. CueΒ Meredith Brooks.

Hair color is my mood ring? What does your hair color say about you?

My search for the perfect auburn red hair color has led me many places. The most dangerous place being the hair color aisle at Target where I am persuaded a tiny box of chemicals will leave my hair looking luscious and vibrant. Too often, I am tempted to try to go lighter and end up frying my hair, which is why I’ve left my last few color jobs to the professionals. However, professional hair color is expensive, and since I’m not drastically changing my hair color, I’m thinking about going back to an at home coloring kit I tried before: Madison Reed.

Hair color is my mood ring? What does your hair color say about you?

Madison Reed is a company that offers salon quality hair color for you to use at home. The colors are handcrafted in Italy and are free of ammonia, PPD, gluten, and resorcinol, and the quick questionnaire suggests colors that are the best fit for you. The 9-piece coloring kit comes with easy to understand step-by-step instructions, and they even include a code for discounts and free products.

Last fall, I triedΒ Sardinia Red (see their other colors here) and was pleased with the color and the easy to use kit. Later, I decided to go to the salon and see if I could go a little lighter. Lo and behold the salon color was almost the same color as Madison Reed’s Sardinia Red but over twice the price. While I’m tempted to bleach my hair in order to become the carrot top of my dreams, I really don’t want to damage my hair again. Sigh. At least I know Madison Reed is there for me and can help me maintain my auburn locks.

If you want to try Madison Reed, you can save $15 off your first order by using my referral link. Bonus, when friends use your referral link, you get a $15 credit. Don’t you love it when everybody wins?

Hair color is my mood ring? What does your hair color say about you?What I’m wearing: Dress from Boden. Bag from Coach. Shoes from Sofft. Necklace from a local jewelry store. Bracelets from Pandora.

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What does your hair color say about you?


  1. OH WOW….oh boy there is some serious mind wave lengths going on but yesterday I was thinking how dull my hair looked and was thinking of getting a professional gloss done but then thought maybe they have them in stores to do at home, I did some research and discovered Madison Reed. Weird! Now I will have to try it!

    Allie of ALLIENYC

    1. Thank you! This is the color I had done at Ulta, but when I used Sardinia Red from Madison Reed, it was almost the exact same color πŸ™‚

  2. Wow, what a fabulous post. You start off with an amusing metaphor, show us photos of high artistic quality (love the first one), reveal fascinating personal stuff and then clobber us with close-ups demonstrating your natural beauty. As fine an example of blogging as I’ve ever seen.

    I’m from an earlier generation that didn’t color its hair. When I grew up, only 5% of women did it and usually that was to conceal grey. The technique wasn’t as advanced as it is now.

    What many women did back then instead of dyeing their hair was wear wigs. My mom had three which she stored on surreal-looking Styrofoam heads. She considered them “party wigs” and would wear different ones with fancy hair-styles for different occasions. Today, it seems the only people who wear wigs are women losing their hair and me.
    Shybiker recently posted..Sensual PleasureMy Profile

  3. What a beautiful eyes! And I also love your hair color, it’s perfect for you! It’s true that all the women when we want a change the first thing to notice is our hair (in my case is also my home, because I change everythin).
    C-Abriendo mi armario recently posted..Spring has sprungMy Profile

  4. Ooooo…Your hair looks fab, Ashley:) Love this shade. And yeah….so brutal that bleach is necessary to lighten hair:( My hair is totally fried that I’ve given up.
    Emmy recently posted..Always with the cap?My Profile

  5. I have never colored my hair – I thought about it a few years ago, and my mom convinced me to wait until I had too many grays. I’m not there yet, so I’m holding out!

    On another note, your dress is adorable! I just ordered three from Boden, but I missed the one you are wearing. I’m going back to look again…
    Dana recently posted..The hair incident of the eightiesMy Profile

  6. Hair colour is such a personal thing. I, like you, have dyed my hair every colour in the book, except green and brown. I’ve been blue, purple, pink, black,

    I went red about 5 years ago now (I’m a natural blond) and haven’t looked back. I get it done at a a salon. It is tricky to dye on my own as it is ombre. Even when I tried to dye it at home without the ombre the colour never turned out like on the box. Now I’m too scared to go back and try again. It’s one of two luxuries I give myself, hair and lashes.

    It’s hard to see the red in your hair here, but with your beautiful green eyes I can see why it would be the perfect colour for you.

    Suzanne recently posted..Do You Dress To Stand Out Or Blend In?My Profile

  7. Auburn hair is the best of both worlds! πŸ™‚
    I’m definitely happy to see a source that’s ammonia-free, as I’ve also always wanted to be a redhead (it so doesn’t work with my coloring, sadly). I love changing my hair color to suit my mood, and I miss the days when I could go with teal hair or blue hair or pink hair (speaking of fried!). I’m naturally about 40 shades of brown, blonde and red (which probably says a lot about how I’m all over the place), but this summer I’m wanting to go blonde to try and brighten things up a bit.
    Beth W recently posted..Wanna Swap?My Profile