5 Things To Know Before Doing The Color Run

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I did The Color Run the end of last month. Thanks to Tiffany from Mrs. Tee Love Life Laughter, I won a free entry for The Color Run Shine Tour. The day was cool and rainy, but it was still a lot of fun since my cousin joined me on this 5K adventure. This was my first time completing a race that was more party than competition, and since this is not your typical race, here are some things I learned…

5 Things To Know Before Doing The Color Run

5 Things To Know About Doing The Color Run

1. Keep your phone in a plastic bag.

I read this piece of advice before the race, but I thought keeping my phone in my pocket during the color zones would be enough to protect it. Wrong. My pockets were full of colored cornstarch by the end of the race and my phone was, too. The wet weather didn’t help things since wet cornstarch is even harder to pick out of your phone. Thankfully, my phone is fine now, although there may have been a few hours with little to no audio…

5 Things To Know About Doing The Color Run

2. The real color happens at the end of the race.

When you see the promo shots, it looks like the color zones are a magic cloud of color. In reality, there are people standing on the sidelines with ketchup bottle style containers full of colored cornstarch that they squirt on you as you pass them. Not very magical and a little odd since you kind of have to walk up to a stranger and be like, “Color me!” I’m exaggerating. Slightly. Still, if your dream is leaving the race looking like you did a tie-dyed Tough Mudder, the after race party is where it is at. The Finish Festival is where you unleash your packets of color (helpfully handed to you after the race) while jumping around like a hippie at Woodstock. Happiest 5K on the planet indeed.

5 Things To Know About Doing The Color Run

3. The color really does come out.

You start the race wearing your complimentary white t-shirt, and by the end of the morning, you are covered in color. Your shoes are covered in color. Your car is covered in color. The good news is that the color really does wash out. A good shower removed all the color from my hair and body. One wash, also, removed all the color from my clothes. I was a little sad that the color even came out of my Color Run tee, even though I had followed the vinegar and ironing instructions for preserving it. I still wouldn’t risk doing The Color Run on a day when you have an important event, but otherwise, no worries.

5 Things To Know About Doing The Color Run

4. You don’t need to run. Walking is totally cool.

The great thing about The Color Run is that this is a race that encourages people to get out and exercise no matter their fitness level. Never done a 5K before? No problem. This is the race for you. You can run. You can walk. You can dance. Just get yourself to the finish line. And, trust me, there are a lot of walkers. #DidntEvenRun

5 Things To Know About Doing The Color Run

5. Have fun.

You will walk through clouds of pink and blue and orange. You will be pelted with silver glitter. You will quite possibly take more steps in an hour than you ever do on a normal day, but it will be fun. And, at the end, you get a shiny gold medal. Do it for the shiny. #JustDoIt

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  1. Wow, what a scene! Nothing like getting some color into your life 😉 Good tips for future participants.

  2. So many of my friends have done the color run and I have always wondered what it was. Sounds like fun (except for the running part LOL). How was I not following you on Instagram? I am now!

  3. I have always wanted to do one of these! Great pictures 🙂 I have a really silly question (but this is what has stopped me from participating in the past). I wear contacts and am very nervous about something happening to them in the middle of this. Can I wear goggles to protect my eyes, or is that like a color run faux pas? LOL.
    Charlotte recently posted..When your tattoo becomes a fadMy Profile

    1. That’s a great question! I wear contacts, too, and wore sunglasses as my “eye protection” but goggles work, too. In fact, I’m pretty sure I saw someone wearing goggles 🙂

  4. Aw, how fun! That’s cool you won a free ticket to do it too. If I ever did something like this, I would HAVE to walk, but that’s great you’re able to do that.

  5. What a lot of fun and that is something different – glad to hear yu got the phone working again.
    Have a great weekend

  6. I think I’d be most nervous about the color getting on my car seats, but they’re leather so that probably makes it easier. I was worried about the color coming out of my hair as well, but you have reassured me. Now I just need to actually attend a color run, lol.
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