imPRESS Nails: A Quick & Easy Manicure

I think there is something so ladylike about long nails. I’m not talking about the talons some celebrities and other creatives sport but nails that are long enough to show that you make time for personal care and probably indulge in regular manicures.

imPRESS sent me a sample of their press-on manicure as part of a promotion they were doing last fall. I discovered them buried in one of my nails drawers a few weeks ago and decided to give them a try.

Manicures are easy when you use imPRESS press-on manicure. I gave these hot pink imPress nails a test drive!

Broadway Nails Impress Press-On Manicure Nail Covers in Ecstatic Cling

Retails for $6.49+

The press-on manicure is brilliant for people like me who don’t like messing with glue. With imPress nails, you simply peel the backing off the nail then firmly press the nail onto your fingernail, and you’re done. The directions say to repeat pressing on the nails for the first half hour and to avoid water for the first hour.

Manicures are easy when you use imPRESS press-on manicure. I gave these hot pink imPress nails a test drive!

The nails are a little long for my taste, and I spent part of the first day with them struggling to do basic things like text and zip my pants. However, these nails are easily trimmed down, and I enjoyed them much more when I cut them to a comfortable length.

Manicures are easy when you use imPRESS press-on manicure. I gave these hot pink imPress nails a test drive!

While hot pink is probably not the color I would have picked for myself, I really liked the nails and got several compliments on them. The press-on nails made me feel more polished and lasted a lot longer than I expected. I got two good days of wear before I started noticing the sides lifting, but I still managed to get four days of wear out of them before I peeled them off.

Would I buy imPress nails? Yes, but probably only for special occasions. The press-on manicure is an easy way to dress up nails for a night out, and imPRESS has plenty of options when it comes to nail art.

What do you think of press-on manicures? Have you tried imPress?

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  1. When I do my nails, I’m a press-on kind of girl. That said, I’ve tried a bunch of different types, and I’ve found that the no glue style press-ons don’t work for me at all. They just don’t stay on for more than a day or two, and since they don’t come with glue there’s no way to re-adhere the nail if it does fall off. I also find the no-glue nails to be harder to put on because with the glue, you can at least slide the nail to the right place if you misplaced it on the first try, with the no-glue types you have to pull it off and try again if you adhere it to the wrong spot, and that makes the adhesive less strong overall, and that nail’s now more likely to fall off within the next day. So…. as much as I’d like to think these are easier than the glue ones, my experience has been the opposite.
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  2. i have used these before because i suck at everything nails related, including glue lol. i think i got the french tip ones, maybe, but the hot pink is fun! it looks really good, even if it isn’t something you’d normally choose for yourself. i wore mine to Derby a couple years ago and maybe it was because i was more active that day than normal, they barely lasted till i got home. it was better than painting my nails or paying to get them done, though!
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  3. Going to look for these the next time I’m in CVS. I actually just had a gel manicure a few weeks ago and my nails are STILL suffering 🙁 I think it had to do with me peeling them off towards the end, but they looked awful and I realized that I just don’t like gel manis.
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  4. This is the perfect length. I would love to get manicures, but I do not. My nails are short, not painted, and when I do paint them it doesn’t last. 🙁
    For my friend’s wedding I used press on nails, I loved the way they looked. I did have to end up using glue because some of the nails were coming up and one popped off. 😀
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