That Time I Was an Extra on E.R.

This happened in 2008. One of my dreams is to write a memoir, so from time to time, I’ll be sharing stories with you. Check out this post, to read more about my move to L.A.

The call came while I was at Pink’s. My first Hollywood job – an extra on E.R.! Maybe it wasn’t so hard to be a working actor. Maybe I wouldn’t end up broke and living in my car. For a girl who hadn’t lived in L.A. for a full week yet, I was feeling pretty good.

I dutifully called the production number to get my wardrobe and location information and quickly realized a trip to Target was in order. Moving to the City of Angels with only a couple suitcases and my cat meant that my wardrobe was sadly lacking. Hitting the Target in Burbank, I grabbed white tennis shoes (to go with the scrubs I’d be given on the day) and a light blue backpack (which would function as a wearable locker and be my constant companion for the next few months).

After a long weekend worrying over whether I would do something stupid on set and be fired and black listed and never allowed to work in Hollywood again, the day arrived, and at an ungodly hour, I left my apartment and walked to Warner Bros. Studio, which was conveniently right across the street. This is when I learned they don’t expect people to walk to the studio and that you have to get a pass at the parking garage. Freaking out that I would be late, I secured my pass and finally entered the hallowed grounds of the studio.

Suddenly, I was transported to the Golden Age of Hollywood. I wasn’t an extra but a young getting adderall online starlet in the making ready for her big break, which would no doubt land her an Oscar and the envy inducing title of America’s Sweetheart. Then, I found my building and entered a rundown room where I checked in and was issued a  pay voucher and a set of scrubs.

Bleary eyed yet happy, I pulled on my scrubs and snapped this pic.

Story behind the pic... that time I was an extra on E.R.

Soon it was time. I walked onto my very first television set. It was surreal. Everything looked just like it did on T.V. but not. The crew moved around fully furnished rooms that were missing walls and ceilings. Strangest of all was the steadicam operator who reminded me of Doc Ock as he shuffled around the set with a huge camera coming out of his chest.

I was placed in a narrow hallway and told to look busy. I think I was sorting supplies, and that’s when he entered. Be still my 80’s beating heart. It’s Uncle Jesse! He’s kind of got a big nose. But, it’s Uncle Jesse! And, to make the moment even better, after being given a note, John Stamos turned to me and smiled and said, “She liked it.” Yes, I did Uncle Jesse. Yes, I did.

The rest of the day passed in a blur, and after some 10 or 12 hours on set, I was ready to call it a day. And, really, after John Stamos acknowledges your existence, what more can you ask for? Well, besides a speaking part in a major motion picture. But, lines would come later. For the moment, I was happy working in the background.

Story behind the pic... that time I was an extra on E.R.

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  1. I have seen on your blog that you are an actress and I was hoping you’d share more about it! Wow, I didn’t realize you were on E.R., that is really cool! I did not know he had a big nose, ha!!! Love it 🙂


  2. I’m loving your memoir! You have me wanting more already 😉
    I think I would die if Uncle Hottie Pants Jesse would talk to me. 😀 Have Mercy!!
    OR I would have to ask him who I have to make a deal with to never age. 😉

  3. Uncle Jesse!!!! Ehrmahgerd! Ashley, thanks for sharing this experience:) Very cool. Do post more about your acting experiences.

  4. Ahh! This is so cooool! I was hoping you would share this story when you spoke about getting the call in your previous post. More please?

    Corinne x

  5. How fabulously cool! Thank you for sharing this exciting experience with us. I’d hop at the chance, if such arose, to be an extra as well. I’ve long said that if I lived near Hollywood or any other major point of filming, my vintage wardrobe and I would be trying to a SAG card pronto! 🙂

    ♥ Jessica
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