Living the Lush Life: Ladybug Bubble Bar

If you crossed a beauty store with a bakery, you would get something like Lush, a Canadian company that specializes in fresh, handmade cosmetics. Walking into a store is like falling into a magical beauty land. Shelves overflow with colorful bath bombs, glittery bubble bars, and fragrant soaps. It’s a little slice of beauty heaven.

Living the Lush life and sharing my thoughts on Lush's new Ladybug Bubble Bar. This limited edition bath treat is not to be missed.

I was so excited when a Lush store came to my area, but as luck would have it, I moved away soon afterwards. So, whenever I’m near a store, I have to check it out. Last week I found myself outside the tempting storefront, which meant it was time to treat myself. I know there are many great recipes for making similar products at home, but there is something special about going to Lush and splurging on a bubble bar.

Living the Lush life and sharing my thoughts on Lush's new Ladybug Bubble Bar. This limited edition bath treat is not to be missed.

The store was packed with happy shoppers as I browsed the shelves brimming with beauty goodness. I finally settled on the Ladybug Bubble Bar, a limited edition bath treat that will disappear after Mother’s Day. Made with  geranium and peppermint oils, the bubble bar has a light scent, which for some reason reminded me of scratch and sniff stickers and fruit punch.

Living the Lush life and sharing my thoughts on Lush's new Ladybug Bubble Bar. This limited edition bath treat is not to be missed.

I got three baths out of the little ladybug. It’s purple head turned the water a lovely grape shade while the body made the water look like fruit punch. The scent was barely noticeable in the bath, but the bubble bar did produce a nice mountain of bubbles and left my skin feeling soft and moisturized. If you find yourself near Lush, I recommend grabbing a ladybug or two.

Do you have a favorite Lush product?

P.S. Who’s excited for the launch of Julian Fellowes’s BELGRAVIA? I can’t wait to read the first chapter tomorrow!

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  1. I so wish we had a close Lush! I think there’s one within two hours.. but meh. In San Francisco, we had two. You could smell them from a block or two away!
    My favorite products are the fresh masks you can only get in the store – like Ayesha.
    I also love the Ocean Salt scrub. YUM.

  2. Oh, I LOVE Lush. I love it so much that I have a whole collection of bath bars/bombs, etc. in a box under my bed at all times and I have so much fun selecting what I want in my bath (I take one every other week for my spa night at home). My ABSOLUTE favorite bubble bar is The Comforter. My favorite scent/soap is the Rockstar!!!! It smells AH-mazing! I have a bunch of other favorites, but those are the two that come to my mind right now. Oh, and I love the Cupcake fresh face mask. I want to try the Green Goddess one next once I have enough empty containers. Anytime my hubby asks what I want, I say Lush! LOL!


  3. Oh, I love these cute little ladybugs! I miss their bath bombs… haven’t had one in a while and would love to treat myself.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I pass from in front of LUSH once in a while but haven’t been in for a while. Everything looks amazing, and I adore bath products. I should make a news trip there ASAP. 🙂 XOXO, ELIF

  5. How cute is this ladybug?!?! Love LUSH:) I’ve been a fan since they launched but I must admit I haven’t been there in awhile. Time to go back, methinks:D

  6. My oldest daughter gave me a tin of Lush Bath Bombs last year for Mother’s Day. There is nothing quite like the sight of three adult women standing in the bathroom, all watching the bath bomb do it’s thing. I love Lush products!

  7. “A beauty store crossed with a bakery.” You’re totally right! I love LUSH and have used their bubble bars for years. I don’t have a favorite because I sample all of them and always try the seasonal creations. I haven’t tried to ladybug yet, so now I’ll have to! I only recently discovered that the bath bombs shoot around the tub, spilling out a rainbow of colors and sparkle and such. I always hopped in the tub with them, before they had a chance to shoot around. Whoops! Little did I know I was missing all the magic!

    <3 Liz