Momentum: How to Keep Going When Life Gets Ugly

You know that feeling when life feels like it’s starting to come together and that maybe you are not doomed for all eternity? It’s a good feeling. I like that feeling. Every day is a dreamy haze of possibilities, and it’s easy to keep going.

Then from out of nowhere, something bad happens. The kind of bad that changes everything, and suddenly you feel like you are doomed for all eternity.

Suddenly, you are reminded of every other bad thing that has ever happened in your entire life, and the idea of moving forward seems impossible.

And, you cry and you rail against the world. But, you are a strong, independent woman. You will not be defeated. You realize at some point you are going to have to get up and keep going.

And, it’s so hard. Not even chocolate or shoes or long bubble baths make life better, and you love chocolate, shoes, and bubble baths. Or, you used to anyway. But, happiness was so long ago. Still, you keep going.

Slowly. Aimlessly. But, because you keep going, you start to make progress. You discover little pockets of happiness throughout the day, and you hold them close.

Time goes by. You still have terrible, no good, awful days, but you have good days, too. Days when the sun shines and the mail is full of packages and your friends make you laugh. It’s on those days that you realize happiness is not impossible. It’s in those sweet, unlooked for moments you discover you have something to run to not just things to run away from.

So, you run towards the good things. You follow your curiosity. You embrace your passions and let them take you to places you never expected. You’ve looked disappointment in the face and survived. There’s nothing left to fear.

This post was inspired by my Momentum motivate wrap and a desire to use as many Marie Antoinette gifs as possible. Mission accomplished. I’m currently a Momentum Ambassador and am happy to be spreading the word about their inspiring designs.

What gives you momentum?

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  1. Sometimes, when crisis hits, I walk around and I look around I can’t believe that people can just go about their days normally. I guess I forget that I usually do as well. It also helps me to remember that things always get OK again. As fast as things can turn terrible, there’s always hope.

  2. I think spending time with friends and family or reading a good book or cuddling with my puppy all help me feel better about things. Great post though. I’m not quite so down and out as the middle of this post, but I am dealing with various things when I thought all was settled for a bit, so that’s no fun.


  3. I love this ! I am currently in the middle of a change it all up period. Hoping to let go of the drag and move forward less burdened.

  4. Yes to the Marie Antoinette GIFs – they captured your words perfectly!

    To keep my momentum going I turn to faith. I open up the Bible, or the book Jesus Calling, and just read until my heart feels full, my anxiety eases, and I feel like I can move forward.