Morning Magic: 4 Reasons Why I Write Morning Pages

Morning Magic: 4 Reasons Why I Write Morning Pages. An excuse for buying a pretty journal is only one of them.

Every morning I set aside a few minutes to write. My brain is foggy with sleep and my fingers clumsy, but still I grab my journal and free write. To be honest, I mostly complain – about not being a morning person and about how boring my life is. But, still I write.

I first learned about morning pages through Gala Darling. She linked to this great article about how to write them, and I’ve been writing morning pages off and on ever since. Yes, off and on. I’m a rebel, you see, and even making the simple commitment to write every morning makes me uncomfortable. But, something changed last year.

My days felt unbearably unproductive, so I decided to make a list of tasks that I could do before noon that would make me feel productive even if they were the only things I accomplished that day. This new morning routine included the daily scribbling of morning pagesΒ and has been my anchor even during the most stressful times.

Morning Magic: 4 Reasons Why I Write Morning Pages. An excuse for buying a pretty journal is only one of them.

Why I write morning pages…

It gives me a chance to figure out what I’m thinking. Maybe there’s a blog post on my mind that I don’t know how to start, or maybe I’m feeling overwhelmed by my to-do list. Writing a few pages in the morning gives me a chance to collect my thoughts and find my focus for the day.

It unlocks creativity. Despite not being a morning person, every once in a while the Muse visits me and gives me an idea for a short story or a play or an essay. Some of my favorite stories have developed from my morning ramblings.

It gives me a chance to practice my handwriting. Neat handwriting is a lost art, and since I mostly communicate by way of a keyboard, journaling is one of the few opportunities I have to put pen to paper. There’s all sorts of research citing the importance of handwriting and cursive for brain development and creativity, and this TED Talk is pretty much a love letter to handwriting. I should add that my handwriting is pretty much chicken scratch, especially when my pen is trying to keep up with my thoughts, but I think this is a wonderful security measure. A snoop could find my journal and still have no idea what’s in it.

It’s an excuse to stock up on pretty pens and journals. I love stocking up on notebooks at the beginning of the school year when you can find spiral notebooks for 10 cents. However, sometimes I like to treat myself to something with a bit more character. Recently, Blogging for Books sent me this adorable Brain Freeze Journal, which looks like an ice cream sandwich.

The edges are brown, white, and pink like spumoni, making this the perfect journal for summer thoughts. While I’m a bit nervous that the spine is exposed, I don’t think it will be an issue since the journal probably will not leave my room.

Morning Magic: 4 Reasons Why I Write Morning Pages. An excuse for buying a pretty journal is only one of them.

Do you write morning pages?

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  1. I think Morning Pages is such a great idea for all the reasons you mentioned. Kudos to you for waking up and doing it. I’m too lazy. And I totally love your ice cream sandwich journal.

  2. That Brain Freeze journal is totally adorable! I love that it’s in the shape of an ice cream sandwich! Yes i agree that neat handwriting is such a lost art!

  3. I keep a prayer journal that I write in every morning during quiet time and then afterward I get out my planner for the day and I’ll scribble away to-do lists and such. So similar to your morning pages in some ways. πŸ™‚ It definitely helps keep my mind focused and get my day started out in a great way!

  4. Yes I have heard of this and thought of trying it but I am usually so busy in the mornings. And my hand writing is so bad I almost got left behind in second grade, so it sort puts me off. But maybe one day I will try this.

    Allie of

  5. I love this post, Ashley:) I used to write morning journals because I was really into Julia Cameron’s book The Artist Way, and it was great to just let out your stream of consciousness into pages. Alas….it’s been years since I’ve done that and I do miss it. Thanks for reminding me to get back into it someday:)

  6. I love this! I need to do this! I started to write daily, and that lasted all of like five days. I love writing, I want to improve my handwriting. I doodle often, random stuff. πŸ™‚
    However, I think having a little more focus in the morning would be a good thing. School is almost out for my kiddos, so that will give me some extra time for me. I think I’ll try this! Thank you!!
    Now off to click your links. Especially the TedTalk, you know I love me some TedTalks!

  7. While I do not do morning pages, I do a sort of brain dump and planning session every morning and it is so helpful! I LOVE collecting pens and journal books and like to draw and doodle. I agree that it does unleash some creativity when you write!

  8. This sounds like such a lovely idea, I doubt I could stick to it though as sometimes I have to get up and get out of the house early to get at work for 6am. Yikes, those morning pages would be whiney!

    Corinne x

  9. Keeping a journey is so great and comes with many benefits. – I do like how you mention to have an excuse to buy those glitter pens and cute notebooks. I would have to agree, ha ha. πŸ™‚

  10. I like the morning pages concept and get similar results with my journaling. Love journaling at a coffee shop/cafe.

  11. Really, really lovely idea. I think that such morning musings could lead to some really cool blog posts, which would be another benefit to them for me. Thank you for sharing this great AM ritual with us.

    xoxo β™₯ Jessica

  12. This idea of “Morning Pages” is new to me, but I have started a new morning routine. Before I even get dressed, I brew a cup of coffee and cuddle up with my dog, planner, and notebook to get oriented for the day ahead. It helps me to focus, prioritize, and most importantly, wake up. Plus, it’s a ritual I’ve started looking forward to.

    I saw you post the neapolitan ice cream sandwich notebook on Instagram. What a fun find!

    <3 Liz

    P.S. I took your June advice of taking advantage of Soul Food Month. My husband and I went through our Savannah cookbooks to find recipes and fixed fried chicken, collard greens, and sweet potatoes earlier this week. I'm looking forward to planning next week's dinner now too! Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. I think I want to do this. I like writing to do lists in the morning and meditating. I think I will take my writing one step further now. Thanks for the idea

  14. This is a great idea! I need to try this – I’m in a writing slump, mostly because I’m just not making the time to write.

    And I always love a reason to buy a new journal. πŸ™‚

  15. I hadn’t heard of morning pages before, but I am always making lists. I actually really like writing by hand. The ice cream sandwich journal is awesome!