Summer Reading Challenge: First Comes Love

Make this the best summer ever with the BookSparks Summer Reading Challenge! Click here for details on how to participate. First Comes Love was sent to me for review and is part of BookSparks Summer Reading Challenge.

Let Emily Giffin's new novel, First Comes Love, sweep you away with its story of two sisters trying to get their lives back on track after a family tragedy. This novel is part of the BookSparks Summer Reading Challenge!

Book: First Comes Love by Emily Giffin

Genre: Women’s Fiction

A family tragedy undoes the once close Garland family, and fifteen years later, their lives continue to be haunted by it. Now in their late thirties, sisters Josie and Meredith Garland are leading very different lives, but while one is single and longs for a family of her own, the other has the picture perfect life but not the happiness she hoped it would bring. Can either sister find her happy ending despite the secrets she carries?

My thoughts…

This is the first Emily Griffin novel I’ve read, and I was expecting something a little lighthearted and not the family drama First Comes Love actually is. The novel begins right before the death of Josie and Meredith’s older brother, and his tragic passing tears their family apart. Fifteen years later, the two sisters are doing their best to show that their brother’s death doesn’t rule their lives, but as the story unfolds, the reader learns how his death affected their lives in unexpected ways.

The novel is told from Josie’s and Meredith’s perspectives in alternating chapters. They do not get along, and at times, all the bickering gets annoying, which I suppose is the point. Josie wants to have a child on her own, which upsets Meredith, who sees Josie as immature and irresponsible. Meredith is struggling in her marriage, but Josie only sees a woman who has it all – husband, child, career – and judges everyone too harshly.

First Comes Love is the bittersweet story of adulthood and the difficult choices one has to make when life goes the wrong way. It’s, also, a story about order adderall grief and about family. While the pages drip with sadness and frustration, the story ends with a ray of hope, as every good story should.

You can find out more about Emily Giffin by visiting her website and following her on Twitter.

Make this the best summer ever with BookSparks Summer Reading Challenge!

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  1. I’ve heard so much about Griffin’s work, but have never read anything by her; that said, I just don’t think I would enjoy this one. I’m more into animals, mysteries, and fantasy when it comes to reading lately.

    Congrats on the IFB feature babe!


  2. Congrats on your feature! 🙂

    I picked this book up at the library and read the cover of it, but decided not to get it when I realized it was a more serious type of book. I was definitely leaning toward a lighter read that day so after reading your review I’m thinking it was a good choice for me to pass then. I may check it out later, though! 🙂