The Ultimate Back to School Emergency Kit

My heart beats a little bit faster when I see Target setting up its back to school section. Notebooks and pencils and binders, oh my! While I don’t miss being in school, I do miss stocking up on school supplies, or at least I miss the excuse of school for splurging on those supplies. Now, I just feel slightly guilty when I load my cart with 50 cent notebooks and 99 cent pen packs I don’t really need but will totally use… eventually.

However, there is one thing the school season brings that everyone needs and that’s the back to school emergency kit. Whether you carry a purse or a backpack have a car or a locker, there are some things I girl just needs to have on hand.

So, here is my ultimate guide to putting together your own back to school emergency kit. Items include things I, always have with me – Advil, tissues, and a snack –  as well as things I wish I kept with me – travel lint roller, mini first aid kit, and a stain remover.

Everything you need to put together the ultimate back to school emergency kit!

What to put in your back to school emergency kit…

Grab a small cosmetics bag and start stuffing it with essentials. Think hair ties, bobby pins, hand lotionsmall brush, and lip balm. Then, start adding basic products for touch ups like blotting paper, lip gloss, mascara, concealer, dry shampoo, and a headband.

Now, it’s time to start thinking about what could go wrong. Stained your blouse? A stain remover pen will save the day. Ripped your tights? Stop the run with clear nail polish. Ate too much garlic? Freshen your breath with mints and a tiny toothbrush. Cuddled a kitty then remembered you’re wearing all black? A mini lint roller will take care of that. Did the afternoon get unexpectedly hot and humid? Refresh yourself with face wipes, deodorant, and a fabric refresher.

Other items to keep in your back to school emergency kit:

Back to School Shopping Guide


What’s in your emergency kit?

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  1. A good list. I keep some of these things in a drawer and my desk (I’m a teacher) as well as similar supplies for the students ( mostly a first aid kit, q-tips and lip balm (the balm goes on the Q-tips so no germs are shared)). However, there are several things I’d never have thought of that seem super useful, such as the extra socks and underwear.

    I would add two things to the list though that I use a lot- a mini sewing kit and safety pins.

    Thanks for this great list.

  2. What a great idea! I know I tried to keep some of these things on hand when I was in school (and even now) but I like the idea of creating a kit JUST for these things instead of having to lug everything in your purse/backpack all the time.


  3. This is a pretty comprehensive list of emergency items. Ever since Hurricane Sandy hit NYC, I always carry a flashlight in my bag. I also like to have a tape measure for shopping.

  4. It’s been a while since I’ve been ‘back to school’ but a lot of these items make it into my work bag daily and definitely into my travel bag when I go away. I just discovered Tide To Go pens and it’s like magic – we have nothing like that here in the UK. If you spill on yourself then you’re out of luck, basically! I’m stocking up next time I come to the US.

    I carry much of what you do, and also some antiseptic travel wipes in case whatever needs to be fixed can’t be done with antibac gel, a travel perfume, a peppermint tea bag (!) and various pain relief pills. Oh and spare earphones – you never want to be stuck without earphones.

  5. Even though I don’t have much interest in back to school shopping, I love a lot of the items in this shopping guide, including the EOS lotion. Target always knows what’s up!

  6. I’ve been out of school for a long time but I still love back-to-school shopping:D This is a great emergency kit list, one that you can use at any age. My staples are: those Polysporin key chain thingy, band aid and lighter.

  7. Even though I love walking in school section and grab a few things, I don’t miss school 🙂 Pads and painkillers would be some of my picks too, I always carry them in my bag!

    Ela BellaWorld

  8. Very fun post! I love how this kit works just about as well as one’s “daily carry” and/or when travelling, even if you’re not currently in school. Thanks for putting this roundup together for us. I smiled when I saw that most vintage of staples, bobby pins, on it. 🙂

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  9. It’s perfect! I’m writing about a back to school kit for kids, but this is much more fun. The thought of back to school is crazy to me as we’re not even halfway through summer, but it’s always on my mind!

  10. My daughter and I spent about an hour in Target today buying all her toiletries and essentials for college, and much of this stuff is on it!

  11. YES, YES, TO IT ALL! 🙂 I purchased two packs of Crayola crayons and one pack of Crayola markers because they were on sale, not for school. I love the smell of fresh crayons and pencils. 🙂

  12. Great list! I still look at the dorm stuff sometimes even though I graduated college 6 years ago. Ahhh the memories of college lol!

  13. My heart totally flutters when I see school supplies, too 🙂 It makes me look forward to having my own kids someday and taking them shopping for binders and notebooks (NERD ALERT!). Anyway, this is a great list. Thanks for sharing 🙂 XOXO

  14. I have not tried that eos hand lotion. Kotex U has these little slide out drawers now that hold the pantyliners, they are so cute and the boxes have different patterns. I took some of those nail polish wipes on my last vacation! So handy!