Mixed Feelings: A Peaches and Petals Review

This is my 5th Peaches and Petals review, and I have some mixed feelings about the July box. It's full of fun festival goodies, but something is missing...

♥ The Subscription: Peaches and Petals
♥ The Cost: $19.99/month with free shipping
♥ The Products: fashion/beauty/lifestyle
♥ Ships to: US

Unboxing Video and First Thoughts

Inside the July 2016 Peaches and Petals Box:

Boombotix Boombot Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Chroma Lights Temporary Hair Color

The Chill Tube Cooling Towel by Cool Core (missing)

Makeup Remover Face Cleansing Wipes

♥ Flower Headband

♥ Engraved Song Lyric Bracelet

This is my 5th Peaches and Petals review, and I have some mixed feelings about the July box. It's full of fun festival goodies, but something is missing...

Peaches and Petals Review

I really liked the Dance to the Music theme for July, and when I first opened the box, I was very happy with the goodies they sent. The flower headband and engraved song lyric bracelet are cute and really go with the music festival theme. While the makeup cleansing wipes aren’t the most amazing, they were great to have during pageant weekend.

The past couple of weeks have been busy, so I forgot to try the mini Bluetooth speaker (which was the spoiler item for July), but it has decent reviews on Amazon. The temporary hair color spray looks fun, but I’m saving it to try with Halloween costumes.

However, there was one big disappointment with the July box and that was the missing cooling towel. When I contacted customer service, I was told they were out and that they would send me a $3 refund. Considering Amazon sells the towel for $14.99, I didn’t think a $3 refund was very helpful, but I said okay. Then, someone else from customer service contacted me letting me know that a cooling towel was being shipped to me. Long story short, I received a $3 refund and the cooling towel is supposedly on its way.

Final Thoughts

I’ve subscribed to Peaches and Petals off and on since December 2015. The company has made some changes since then, including raising the price and doing away with social media rewards. This is my fifth box, and the first time I’ve had to contact customer service. And, as long as I get my towel, I’m happy with customer service.

While some people accuse Peaches and Petals of being full of dollar store finds, the July box had a value of about $50, which is a great deal for the $19.99 subscription price. I’ve currently unsubscribed while I wait to get my towel, but I will probably resubscribe if I see s spoiler item I like.

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What subscription box should I try next?

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  1. I like the wireless speaker and the music lyric bracelet — that sounds so cool. But it doesn’t seem like they put in enough high quality items in their monthly boxes. I hope you get that cooling towel!

  2. Scarlet would love that floral headband! She’s wearing a blue one like it today. Makeup cleansing wipes are wonderful – I need some for my trip! I didn’t know you could have colored hair spray like that! And not the cheap Halloween kind. I want it.
    I want a cooling towel – may we both get one!

  3. i hope you get the towel.. that’s what i worry about with boxes like this, you buy them for the value of everything together, but if you are missing something, obviously the value isn’t as good.

  4. Yes, they better give you that towel. The latest box I got was ironically a Target beauty box and it had some good things in it and was only $10, I never knew it existed until a blogger mentioned it. Love your honest reviews! Hope your week is off to a great start!!

  5. I sort of love and hate Peaches & Petals… They didn’t give me some reward points from another blogger that signed up with me. She said the referral code didn’t work, so she actually called them. They gave me 100 points for her call, but I should have gotten 500 points. She called them and I emailed them and they wouldn’t give me the additional points, so she canceled. I also used some of my points to get a free gift and it was something I had already received in a prior box! You’d think they’d have something different for the prizes. I ordered a second prize and I hope it is something different!! Those are my only complaints! I have this box and I used the color hair spray on my son for a crazy hair day at karate, it didn’t wash out until his second shower- but, it did come out! Lol! And, the makeup wipes are JUST ok, but something you always need.


  6. I love your honesty in this review. Personally, customer service says a lot about how satisfied you are with the company’s products, and I think that they handled this situation inappropriately. You were entitled to that cooling towel, and I feel that they should have shipped one to you separately, as opposed to giving you a $3 refund. I would be annoyed.


  7. That stinks! I hope they keep their word.
    I’ve seen past Peaches and Petals boxes and this one doesn’t look as good as those ones.

  8. That headband is so lovely! Thank you for the honest review and for saying outright that you’ve presently unsubscribed. It’s good (and refreshing) to hear both sides of the coin with subscription box posts.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  9. Hmmm. What is a cooling towel? Once when I was in a Saturday quiet yoga session the teacher brought out iced washed clothes with peppermint oil. It was amazing.

  10. That is a bummer, but I hope you get the cooling towel as promised. Keep us posted–I’ve never heard of this subscription service before.