Life Lately: 8 Saturdays Till Christmas

Life lately... here's a look at what I'm reading, wearing, and thinking about lately.

Wearing: Pretty jewelry like this To Catch a Dream Necklace that Montana Silversmiths sent me to review. This Classic Utility Jacket from Gap is still getting a lot of play, too.

Reading: A bunch of books for review plus Alison Weir’s The Wars of the Roses. Nothing puts a rough political season into perspective like a thick history of Medieval intrigue and brutality. As a fan of English history, I highly recommend this non-fiction book. (P.S. Read it along side Philippa Gregory’s The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels.)

Listening to: 88 Cups of Tea with Yin Chang. This is my favorite writing podcast at the moment. I love listening to the interviews and learning more about book publishing and writing habits.

Pageanting: I’m currently running Captivating Pageants’ Instagram, so be sure to check it out and follow.

Making: So many things… At the art museum, I’m taking a metalsmithing jewelry class, which I love, and I, also, did a flat glass class, which was pretty cool. I’ve been hitting the yarn hard, too, and have a few crochet projects going.

Counting: Down to Christmas. Can you believe it’s less than 2 months away? November is unusually warm, which is great, but I really need snow to get in the holiday spirit. Plus, I need to unearth my Christmas decorations and start gift shopping. So much to do!

Blogging: Less. I know. Shouldn’t it be more? But, I want to focus on other writing (like short stories and one-act plays), so that means taking a step back from the blog. Time management is always a battle for me, so I’m trying something new and batching posts on the weekend. I might, also, go from 4 posts to 2-3 a week because the holiday craziness is coming…

Links à la Mode, November 3rd

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  1. I always struggle with getting my posts all written. I try to do a lot of it on the weekend, too.. but, then I don’t get to play as much! I can’t believe Christmas is so soon. My daughter has her birthday in November, too. Whew.


  2. Oh. My. God. You are so right, Ashley, it’s a scant 2 months to Christmas. It’s literally been no more than the blink of an eyelid since we moved into 2016. Is anyone else a little wary of how things will be in the new year? Wary with sporadic touches of excitement? 🙂

  3. A metalsmithing jewelry class, that is so cool! I am feeling a little short of breath just thinking about how close Christmas is!

  4. Ooh I really want to take a practical class, especially in something like jewellery making. I wish there were somewhere near me that ran classes like that… I’m heavy in to non-fiction books at the moment, not sure what that’s all about. I studied the Tudors a lot at school so it’s always an area of interest for me! And the Christmas rush has hit hard here too, so I’m wondering how on earth I’m going to fit in blogging. It’s not just you!
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  5. I cannot believe how close we are to Christmas!! Time is flying.
    I’ve been cutting back on blogging too. I feel a little bit guilty being so behind on all things blog.I need to find a way to to balance it all. Yet, I keep adding more things to my plate. DOH!