What Two Weeks of Outfit Photos Taught Me About My Style

I’m not very fashionable for a fashion blogger. Working from home has made me very lazy when it comes to putting together stylish ensembles. However, reading The Curated Closet: A Simple System for Discovering Your Personal Style and Building Your Dream Wardrobe by Anuschka Rees (read my review here) inspired me to rethink my work-at-home wardrobe. One of the tips from the book is to take outfit photos for two weeks in order to see what works, what doesn’t, and what you want to change. Here’s what I learned from two weeks of outfit photos…

What Two Weeks of Outfit Photos Taught Me About My Style

What Two Weeks of Outfit Photos Taught Me About My Style

1. I really like plaid. In a span of two weeks, I wore a plaid shirt four times, and it was really hard to hold myself back from wearing those shirts more often. (I posted about my love of plaid here.)

2. Chambray is a close second. Chambray made an appearance three times over the two weeks. Between plaid and chambray, I’d say my current style is pretty laid back.

3. Leggings and skinny jeans are my friends. When it comes to bottoms, I like a close fitting silhouette. Victoria’s Secret leggings, American Eagle jeggings, and Gap skinny jeans are my go-to pieces.

4. I think I’ll pass on flares. I really like the look of flares on other people, but wearing them makes me feel bottom heavy and short. Not a good feeling.

5. I want more tunic tops. This top from Stitch Fix is perfect to wear over leggings, and it’s great for layering under a cozy cardigan or trendy moto jacket.

6. I love flats. Despite being a whopping 5′ 1″ in socks and a ponytail, you will buy adderall generic online find me most often wearing flats and not heels. Boots and ballet flats are my shoes of choice with the occasional sneaker thrown in.

7. The utility jacket and saddle bag are my favorite fall purchases.  I’ve posted about this Gap utility jacket before, and this Rebecca Minkoff MAC Saddle Bag is straight off my wishlist and came to me courtesy of Shopbop!

8. I want to up my accessories game. A scarf or a necklace can really finish off a look, but so often I forget to add one. With winter coming, I think I’ll be playing with more scarves.

9. I love to repeat. When something works, I just want to keep wearing it. Usually I wear the same outfit on repeat but this style challenge forced me to wear a different look each day. My new goal is to repeat pieces without wearing the exact same look every week.

10. My life is pretty casual. Whenever I go to the store, I want to look at party dresses, but I don’t really need another cocktail dress. What I do need are cute, comfortable clothes for running errands and going to classes.

Taking two weeks of outfit photos really helped me to see what pieces I wear over and over again and which pieces I don’t like wearing because they don’t feel like me. It, also, forced me to experiment with new styles instead of repeating the same look all of the time.

Will you take this photo challenge?

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  1. I love plaid too! 🙂 You say you’re not very fashionable, but to be honest I wish I could be half as fashionable as you are. My closet basically exists of maxi skirts and dresses haha

  2. This is pretty fun. I think your casual style is the way to go. If you looked at my last two weeks of OOTDs then you’d see a lot of different looks — but that’s my best stuff. When I’m at home, I tend to stick with athleisure and Soludos slip ons.
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  3. I love the idea of a photo challenge. I have to admit that I am not very fashionable and definitely have my favorites – like flats and my Uggs. Sounds like a great book – I am going to put it on my Christmas list!

  4. Yes you do love plaid 🙂 but it is fun so I say go for it. And yep flares are not for everyone I am tall but don’t wear them a lot I feel like they kind of get in the way if that makes sense. And oh you can never have too many tunic tops. In fact I started buying dresses as tunic tops and wearing them with jeans.

    Allie of

  5. This is a great way for us to learn about our style. Examining our choices is enlightening.

    I respectfully disagree that you’re not “fashionable.” Your outfits are attractive and appropriate, putting you way ahead of most people in our society.

  6. On a more general note, you seem to like warmer colors, especially reds and burgundies with some turquoise and dark blue thrown in as accents. I always admire when closets seem to have color cohesion.

  7. Great idea to take daily pics and see what you learn. I’ve definitely learned a lot from taking blog pictures about what looks best on me. It’s helped me develop my style.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  8. Sometimes I fantasize about being a fashion blogger. I can put together some pretty awesome outfits, but it’s not an everyday thing. I live in spandex and t-shirts, I have no reason to get dolled up since I work from home or my local coffee shop, but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming. I love how colorful your outfit choices are. A lot of people tend to wear black and browns in the colder months. That royal blue pea coat is adorable.

  9. I kind of love having outfit photos for the last 8 years, it really helps me see what works, what doesn’t (even if I love to make the same mistakes) and what I wear the most. I’ve certainly evolved a lot! But having those closet staples that you can wear and love over and over again are so important!
    Chic on the Cheap

  10. I love plaid and tunics too! I’m kinda on the short side as well at 5’5 and 1/2 lol, so I like to wear tunics since they give the illusion that I’m taller! I think you have a wonderful sense of style!

  11. What a fun idea for a post and fashion reflection. Oh plaid and chambray,,,how I love them too! You’re adorable!

  12. Imma gonna have to check out that book. And we almost have the same likes when it comes to clothes! Love skinny jeans and leggings too, and wear flats most of the time:)

  13. I think I’d be lost without plaid in my life, too! What a fun/interesting challenge. You’re absolutely right–working from home has kind of really demotivated my fashion choices but it’s nice to get dressed up, and feel like a PART of civilization. I never thought about that before re: flare jeans. I have so many but I’m kind of short. I think I was always hoping they would elongate my legs, but maybe that’s not working for me, lol.


  14. The Curated Closet is on my Christmas list! This looks like an interesting challenge. I’m interested in trying it because I know my daily outfits are very different from the looks I photograph for the blog. I still wear those looks out and about, but I’m rocking way more skinny jeans and tunic tops than my blog lets on. I also dissect my style and like to draw conclusions about my smartest purchases and what I should be shopping for next, so I feel like this would be a helpful exercise!

    <3 Liz

  15. I think you still have more style than me.
    I’m a plaid lover too. 🙂 My pictures would consist of jeans every single day. 😀
    And let’s keep it real jammy pants while I’m at home.