Thoughts on my First Wantable Style Edit

I scored some great deals the week of Thanksgiving, including my first Wantable box for free. Wantable is a styling service similar to Stitch Fix in that you fill out a style survey then the company sends you a selection of items for you to try on. You keep what you want and send back what you don’t. There is a $20 styling fee that will go toward your purchase if you want to keep something, and if you keep five pieces, you save an additional 20%.

Unboxing my first Wantable box…

♥ The Subscription: Wantable
♥ The Cost: $20 styling fee
♥ The Products: Clothes, Accessories
♥ Ships to: US

Look #1

Is Wantable a good fit for petites? Read my thoughts on my first Wantable Style Edit!

Round Neck Cardigan in Navy – $33.00

Woven Printed Shell in Royal Blue – $39.00

Skinny Lesley Wash – $79.00

Look #2

Is Wantable a good fit for petites? Read my thoughts on my first Wantable Style Edit!

Raglan Sweater in Berry – $58.00

Skinny Lesley Wash – $79.00

Look #3

Is Wantable a good fit for petites? Read my thoughts on my first Wantable Style Edit!

Melbourne French Terry Jacket – $80.00

Boyfriend Plaid Maxwell – $79.00

Fringe Crossover – $41.00

Skinny Lesley Wash – $79.00

Thoughts on my first Wantable Style Edit…

Normally, I go through each item piece by piece and say what I liked and didn’t like about each item, but I’m not doing that today because the overall theme of this style edit was too big. Everything I was sent was at least a size too big for me. I blame the style profile for this issue because it does not allow you to pick multiple sizes and it doesn’t ask for your measurements. Sizes vary so much by brand, it is impossible to be just one size. Plus, I am petite, and even though I could select “short torso” and “short legs”, the pieces I received were not for petites.

Style-wise, I liked the pieces in my first Wantable box and thought the prices were comparable with Stitch Fix and mall stores. I would have been very disappointed had I paid the $20 styling fee for this box, but as I tried this box for free, I can’t complain.

Would I recommend this subscription box? Yes, but with reservations. If you are petite or struggle finding pieces that are the right size, I think this box is a no-go. However, if you know your sizes, this styling service could be a good option.

If you’d like to try Wantable Style Edit, I’d love it if you used my personal referral link!

Is Wantable a good fit for petites? Read my thoughts on my first Wantable Style Edit!

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  1. Oooh! I love Stitch Fix and had not heard of Wantable. I think the clothes look good on you. If they are too big, I honestly can’t tell. Just might have to try this new service out. Thanks for the info.

  2. I just recently started Stitch Fix, I’ve had 3 so far. I may never shop again, haha! Maybe I need to try Wantable too, to see if they have a different spin.

  3. I have never heard of this box and I can see how the fit on some of the tops are just a little too big for you (yet still look super cute on you!). I love that berry sweater the most! I also like the jacket you have on in the last outfit.


  4. I really liked the items you were sent in this box, but I totally agree: everything looks too large for your petite frame. The sizing issue is a reason that I would avoid trying this service out – it seems like it would result in disappointment. :/


  5. I’ve always wanted to see someone try a Wantable Style; I’ve been curious what they were like. Oh, everything is so cute; too bad they are too big. How odd they don’t specify measurements….maybe there’s a comment box one could add that too, but clearly they don’t really aim for the petit or tall demographics….

  6. Oh, FUN! I love the sweater in look #2 the best! Looks perfect (and the color is beautiful). I can totally see adding something like this to my wardrobe.

    PS: I LOVE LOVE LOVE the glasses you are wearing in your video! Are those Warby Parker? Adorbs!

  7. Thanks for the honest review, Ashley. As someone vertically challenged, a box like this is probably a no for me, but you do still look lovely in the outfits:)

  8. Having it for free is good, for 20 would be as well, but disappointing that the items were not for petite girls… I liked the checked shirt and the coat on the video, and liked your pictures, but although I am not thin at all, I am short and I would have concerns as well. But all in all I think it is a nice subscription, Wantable seems to be nice! Hope you have a very nice week!

  9. Cute looks too bad the sizing was off. I wish we had petite sizes in Sweden. It’s almost Impossible for me to find pants that’s not to long. But I can always order from US or UK.

  10. Yes that is the thing with buying clothes online, the sizing is too tricky. I am surprised so many people do it. I would say about %80 of the things I try on in stores I do not end on buying ( I try on a lot) there are just too many varibles.

    Allie of

  11. I had not heard of this one either, but how fun! The first look is my favorite and your video is so cute, love your voice and I love your glasses! I hope you have a wonderful and festive day darling!

  12. Bummer about the fit, but thanks for the introduction to Wantable. I’m pleased to see they offer up to a size 3x. Thanks for mentioning your sizing issues. I’m different sizes in different styles and silhouettes and sometimes I also need a petite, so I’d anticipate the same fit issues with Wantable. Dia&Co is a plus size styling service I’ve used, and they let you mark different sizes for different styles, and they also have a text box for additional fit notes. Something as simple as that can help them zero in on your correct sizing, just so long as they read your notes! Happy Holidays!

    <3 Liz