How to Beat the Polar Vortex and Hygge This Winter

Don't let winter get you down. Embrace the Danish term hygge and learn how to make the cold weather months comfy, cozy, and full of fun!

Winter is coming. This fact shouldn’t surprise you because it is nearly the middle of December. Weathermen and women have casually started throwing around terms like polar vortex and snowpocalypse, and you wonder why these terms didn’t exist when you were in school. All you ever got was the occasional snow day, which isn’t nearly as exciting as snowmageddon.

Don't let winter get you down. Embrace the Danish term hygge and learn how to make the cold weather months comfy, cozy, and full of fun!

But, you are an adult now, and while you have the good fortune to “work from home” (air quotes your friend’s), you still have to battle Old Man Winter the same three months a year as everybody else. You’ve contemplated moving some place warm – preferably with palm trees and a beach – but you work from home, which is actually your clever euphemism for being dead broke. So, you’ll be spending Christmas with Jack Frost, Frosty the Snowman, and all the other wintry claymation characters from your childhood.

Don't let winter get you down. Embrace the Danish term hygge and learn how to make the cold weather months comfy, cozy, and full of fun!

Succumbing to your Pinterest addiction, you stumble across the Danish term hygge, which sounds like a horrible disease, but the picture of a comfy chair by a fireplace suggests otherwise. You quickly learn that the word loosely translates to coziness. Perfect. You start taking notes.

  1. Buy candles. Use them everywhere.
  2. Invest in cozy blankets
  3. Host Sunday brunch. Serve cake and coffee.
  4. Go sledding
  5. Invite friends over for a bonfire
  6. Learn to knit. Make everyone hats, scarves and mittens.
  7. Dress for the weather. Stock up on fleece lined leggings.
  8. Rent a cabin for a weekend
  9. Build a snowman
  10. Have an at home spa day complete with bubble bath
  11. Gather pine cones to use for crafts
  12. Make the perfect cup of hot chocolate
  13. Ice skate on an outdoor rink
  14. Start a soup club
  15. Fill your house with branches, berries, and flowers
  16. Make a winter reading list
  17. Wear woolly socks and comfy sweaters
  18. Keep a gratitude journal
  19. Study the winter stars
  20. Grow your own herbs
  21. Choose coloring books over Netflix
  22. Build a snow fort then go inside and build a blanket fort
  23. Play games like Clue, Scrabble, and Uno
  24. Take a technology break on weekends
  25. Eat porridge

After three hours of meticulous pinning, you are fairly confident that you have mastered the concept of hygge. Despite your hatred of coffee and refusal to ride your bike in winter, you decide to share your new expertise with the world (wide web, that is) and write a brilliant blog post entitled, How to Beat the Polar Vortex and Hygge This Winter. As you push publish, you imagine the post going viral, The New York Times calling to interview you, and Oprah inviting you to share more about this delightful topic on her channel. The resulting fame and fortune sees you spending next winter covered in suntan lotion whilst lounging on a sandy beach…

Instead your air-quote-obsessed friend wants to know what hives have to do with winter. Face meet palm. At least you know you’ll be warm and cozy this winter.

Don't let winter get you down. Embrace the Danish term hygge and learn how to make the cold weather months comfy, cozy, and full of fun!

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  1. Love this post and your outfit! It usually doesn’t get too cold where I live in December, but the weather has been all over the place. Some days it’s freezing and other days I only need a light jacket! I definitely use candles during the Winter! Candle burning makes my house feels so cozy!

  2. You look adorable in your fuzzy earmuffs. I live in Northern California, we got a little rain, but the temperature hasn’t dropped below 50 degrees, and I don’t think it will. I love visiting cold weather places this time of the year, but there’s no way I could live there battling snow and ice on regular bases. You guys are brave souls 🙂

  3. Oh, my goodness… this is just the cutest little post and you are just the cutest little button <3 I'm meeting up with some friends tonight in Hoboken (which is in New Jersey, close to NYC) and it's been unbelievably frigid lately. I feel as though tonight is the last hurrah before it gets REALLY cold out! But I love all of your ideas about knitting and reading and fires and lighting candles and taking baths and just connecting with a more creative side <3

    In the meantime, I'll take a page from your fashion book if you don't mind!
    Charlotte recently posted..Give LUCK this holiday season with New Jersey Lottery!My Profile

  4. Yes winter is definitely the time to be cozy and enjoy lots of soups. I have been warming up with baking cookies and warm drinks. It is not snow weather for us, but cooler weather is definitely here! Love the fleece leggings!

  5. Okay, so it’s not even snowing here {in fact, it was in the 80s yesterday}, but I want to do all of the above. I’m contemplating hosting a fake snow day {or snow week!} just to indulge in all of the cozy!


  6. Loved your sweater with You, me, oui, I have to buy it! That’s beating winter, and building a hygge atmosphere! The pictures are really very nice and I loved the quotes! I also loved the new words 🙂 never thought of snowggedon, snowpocalypse… a snow storm was the most I could thought of! Hope you have a lovely day!

  7. The leggings are adorable! I prefer jeans, but my daughter lives in leggings. I’ll have to check out the subscription service for her.

  8. Ugh, I am so ready for the Spring!! And, yes… every year this time I think about moving somewhere warmer! Those legging and that top are too, too cute!! And, yes, I def. need to go eat some porridge! lol!