A Year of Subscription Boxes

From books to beauty to style, here's a look at the subscription boxes I tried this year including Fabletics, Stitch Fix, and Le Tote!

Is there anything better than a package of fun things arriving in your mailbox? No, especially when there are so many awesome subscription boxes. From books to beauty to style, there really is a subscription for everybody. This year I tried a bunch of different services, and there still so many I want to try! Here’s a peek at what showed up in my mailbox this year…

Book Subscription Boxes

Love books and packages in the mail? Me, too! Book of the Month Club combines reading with happy mail.

♥ The Subscription: Book of the Month Club (Read my review here)
♥ The Cost: $16.99/month with free shipping
♥ The Products: Choice of hardcover books
♥ Ships to: US

Bookworms shouldn't miss Hello Book Lover, a new monthly subscription box that lets you choose one book a month from their themed selections.

♥ The Subscription: Hello Book Lover (read my review here)*
♥ The Cost: $28/month plus shipping
♥ The Products: Choice of book plus 2-3 surprise items
♥ Ships to: US

Jewelry Subscription Boxes

Geeky jewelry lovers won't want to miss Fandom of the Month Club, a monthly jewelry subscription box. See what's inside my Hogwarts box!

♥ The Subscription: Fandom of the Month Club (read my review here)
♥ The Cost: $13/month plus shipping
♥ The Products: 3-4  fandom inspired jewelry items
♥ Ships to: US, Canada, and International

Beauty Subscription Boxes

On the search for sophistication, I decided to try Scent Trunk, a monthly subscription box that offers unique perfumes that will make you smell like a lady.

♥ The Subscription: Scent Trunk (read my review here)
♥ The Cost: $18/month with free shipping
♥ The Products: Perfume samples
♥ Ships to: US, Canada and the UK

Lifestyle Subscription Boxes

This is my 5th Peaches and Petals review, and I have some mixed feelings about the July box. It's full of fun festival goodies, but something is missing...

♥ The Subscription: Peaches and Petals (read my reviews here: Jan., Feb., June, July)
♥ The Cost: $19.99/month with free shipping
♥ The Products: fashion/beauty/lifestyle
♥ Ships to: US

Style Subscription Boxes

Awesome Printed Leggings You Need Right Now. Get your leggings fix with a subscription to Enjoy Leggings!

♥ The Subscription: Enjoy Leggings (read my reviews: May, June, September, December)*
♥ The Cost: $16.95/month
♥ The Product: One pair of leggings, sizes 2-18
♥ Ships to: US (free) and International (shipping charge)

The change of seasons is the perfect time to shop for new clothes. Here's how I'm updating my wardrobe for fall with Stitch Fix!

The Subscription: Stitch Fix (read my reviews here: March, July, September)
The Cost: $20 a box styling fee (The fee is deducted from the items you purchase.)
The Products: Clothes, Shoes, Accessories
Ships to: US

Looking for stylish athleisure wear? I'm sharing my thoughts on the stylish offerings of Kate Hudson's workout clothing line, Fabletics.

♥ The Subscription: Fabletics (read my review here)
♥ The Cost: Outfits start at $49.95
♥ The Products: Workout wear and accessories for men and women
♥ Ships to: US and Canada

Le Tote just might be the answer to an affordable, unlimited closet. At the very least, it’s the answer to fewer laundry days.

♥ The Subscription: Le Tote (read my reviews here: 1st tote, 2nd tote)
♥ The Cost: $39 and up monthly rental fee
♥ The Products: Clothes, Accessories
♥ Ships to: US

Is Wantable a good fit for petites? Read my thoughts on my first Wantable Style Edit!

♥ The Subscription: Wantable (read my review here)
♥ The Cost: $20 styling fee
♥ The Products: Clothes, Accessories
♥ Ships to: US

*Sent to me for review

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  1. I’ve read all your separate review, but I’m curious- on a personal level, which did you enjoy the most and/or will continue to get? (not which is best but that you liked the most, with your life needs and interests).

    1. Oo, that’s a tough question! I really like the idea of Stitch Fix and would use it more if there wasn’t a styling fee. I, also, have liked using Le Tote, but I can’t justify the price on a monthly basis. Next year I want to try more beauty subscriptions since there is a wide variety of options and price points.

  2. So fun. I want to check out Fabletics. You are so stylish, I’m excited to see you wearing the Minnetonka Moccasin boots. I bought them a few years ago but feel like I’m a kid when I wear them. What else should this mom of an 8-year old wear with them?

    1. I think the boots look great with leggings and skinny jeans! I love a boho vibe, so I usually wear them with a tunic or flowy top 🙂

  3. I love reading about all your subscription boxes and I agree! There is nothing like getting that box in the mail! Have a wonderful Christmas Ashley!!! <3

  4. Oh I remember several box subscriptions from this year in your blog. My problem with box subscriptions is the fact that doesn´t offer free shipping outside of US and UK and that is sad. Great post!