10 Awesome Books I Read in 2016

Happy almost 2017! The holidays are winding down, and I’m clumsily finding my way back to my blog after a self-imposed hiatus, where I refused to let myself blog but I could still use social media so people would know that I wasn’t dead or in some dreadful Wi-Fi free locale. However, my Internet addiction is a discussion for another time because we have more important things to talk about, like books.

My yearly goal is to finish 52 books within 52 weeks, which I managed to do this year, although my book count was down from last year. I’m blaming that on reading bigger books this year. So many pages! My 2016 was filled with books including a YA tearjerker and a laugh out loud memoir about growing older. Here are the 10 awesome books I read in 2016…

My 2016 was filled with books from a YA tearjerker to a laugh out loud memoir about growing older. Here are 10 awesome books I read in 2016...

Best Tearjerker: If I Stay by Gayle Forman

A car crash leaves Mia with a life or death decision. The tears will flow. (Runner Up: The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman. So many feels…)

Best Sci-Fi: Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

I have two words for you: Space zombies. Okay, technically, they are victims of a plague. Plus, there’s a whole bunch of other stuff going on that I can’t tell you about because this is a story told through hacked documents, so you’ll just have to read this for yourself.

Best Jane Austen Adaptation: Pride, Prejudice, and Cheese Grits by Mary Jane Hathaway

A sweet, P&P style romance set in a small Southern college. That’s really all you need to know. Love.

Best Novella: Fairest by Marissa Meyer

This is book 3.5 in The Lunar Chronicles, and I had planned on skipping it because it’s annoying searching out novellas and short stories when all I want is for the actual series to continue. However, this book was a perfect fit for the series and, in my opinion, was better than the final book.

Best Thriller: You Will Know Me by Megan Abbott*

I read it because the story is set in the world of competitive gymnastics, but I stayed for the mysterious death that may or may not have been a murder. I could totally see something like this happening in real life. Dun. Dun. Duuun!

Best Play: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts 1 & 2 by John Tiffany, Jack Thorne, and J.K. Rowling

The Harry Potter saga continues! But, can we please stop calling this story “book 8”? It confuses too many people, and they miss the magic of this beautiful script. (Runner Up: Peter and the Starcatcher: The Annotated Script of the Broadway Play by Rick Elice. So good!)

Best Audiobook:  And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie, read by Dan Stevens

Creepy. Spooky. Unsettling. There’s a reason Agatha Christie is the queen of mystery. Plus, there’s the added bonus of Dan Stevens reading to you. (Runner Up: Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery, read by Rachel McAdams. I’m cheating by listing this since I haven’t finished it yet, but I’m pretty sure everyone needs to listen to this.)

Best Grownup Fiction: A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles

This series of vignettes is absolutely charming, which is saying something since this is about an aristocrat on the wrong side of a Bolshevik tribunal, which mercifully decides to place him under house arrest instead of shooting him. For decades he is the inmate of the Metropol, a grand hotel begging for Wes Anderson to visit. (Runners Up: Commonwealth by Ann Patchett because the writing is beautiful on a sentence level, and The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough because it’s essentially Greek tragedy set in the 2oth Century Australian Outback – but I really only liked the first half of the book.)

Best Chick Lit: The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan

Long story short: Will and Kate fan fiction, but this time the royal-to-be is an American! American college student goes to England and falls in love with a boy on her floor, who just happens to be in line for the throne. This could just be a lighthearted romance, but there are some surprisingly deep thoughts on the nature of fame and the price that comes with it.

Best Memoir: I Feel Bad about My Neck: And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman by Nora Ephron

If Nora Ephron wrote about toilet paper I would want to read it, but thankfully, she keeps to classier topics like the awkwardness of aging. (Runner Up: Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. A reminder that saying no gets your nowhere.)

*Sent to me for review.

My 2016 was filled with books from a YA tearjerker to a laugh out loud memoir about growing older. Here are 10 awesome books I read in 2016...

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  1. Great to read 52 books in 52 weeks! I would like to read many on your lost, but especially If I Stay and the Royal We. The Nora Ephron one sound great as well! She is always awesome! I hope you reach your goals, actually, goalS and that you have a brilliant new year!

  2. I just read this for about 20 minutes – stopping to place holds at my library! Thank you for that. I’m intrigued by more of Mary Jane Hathaway too. Looks awesome!

  3. So many books on here I’d like to read! I loved If I Stay and also Year of Yes (obviously incredibly different reads!). Congrats on so many books in one year and best of luck with meeting (and exceeding!) your goal in 2017 🙂 Happy New Year, my sweet!!

  4. Nora Ephram is/was so funny! I just bet that Rachel McAdams does a fantastic job reading Anne of Green Gables. Weirdly, I’ve never made it all the way through any of the Anne books though I love a lot of Montgomery’s other works (Emily of New Moon series and The Blue Castle being my two favorites). Maybe an audio version will make me try her most famous works again….

    Love, as always, to see what you most enjoyed reading!

  5. Wow this is a very interesting list. I want read Illuminae. I read Fairest and was ok nothing too special to me. Thank you for share your favorite books