How to Care for Your Hands This Winter

My hands are the first things to feel winter’s wrath. My knuckles become dry and scaly. My fingers crack and bleed. My winter hands are far from pretty. Until now.

This winter I decided to do things differently, like wearing gloves when I go outside and thoroughly drying my hands after washing them. They’re little changes, but they are my secrets to happy winter hands.

My hands are the first things to feel winter's wrath. Here's how I'm protecting my hands this winter and how you can care for your hands, too.

How to Care for Your Hands This Winter

1. Wear gloves when you go outside.

There’s nothing earth shattering about this tip, but your hands will thank you for it. If it’s cold outside, wear gloves. They don’t even need to be fancy gloves. I have cheap gloves from Target stuffed into the pockets of all my winter coats, so I have a pair ready at all times.

2. Thoroughly dry your hands after washing them.

Frequently washing your hands in the winter will soon leave your hands cracked and dry. But, let’s face it; basic hygiene demands that you wash your hands, especially during cold and flu season. However, taking the time to dry your hands instead of letting them air dry will make a big difference. Use a towel and spend the extra 20 seconds to dry your hands and you’ll be one step closer to happy winter hands. As for other unavoidable wet hand situations, like washing the dishes, wear rubber gloves.

3. Stock up on the hand cream that works for you.

Not all hand creams are created equal. In fact, some will actually make your hands dry and chapped during the winter. When you find a lotion that works for you, stock up on it and stash some by your bed and computer, next to the sink, and in your purse, so you have it whenever your hands start feeling dry. This winter my hands are loving Mary Kay Satin Hands Fragrance-Free Hand Cream. (Fun fact: A long time ago, almost in another life, I was a Mary Kay Rep. A lot of products get hyped, but Mary Kay Satin Hands products are no joke. Get the set and pamper your hands all year long.) Another hand cream I love is the Aveda hand relief moisturizing creme. I think it’s pricey for a hand cream, but it is so worth it.

4. Skip the nail polish and let your nails breathe.

I’m sorry nail polish addicts, but the polish needs to come off at some point. Even just giving your nails a day off, will help them be happier and healthier. With nail polish being one of the most toxic beauty products in your makeup stash, it’s important to step away from the bottle every once in a while. I’m not painting my nails as much as I used to, but to get a clean, “polished” look, I’ve become friends with the nail buffer.

Lipton Publicity sent me the Emjoi Micro-Mani, which makes getting smooth, shiny nails quick and easy. The battery operated, travel size device comes with two gray micro-smooth rollers, two white micro-shine rollers, and one roller travel pouch. Watch the video below to see how I use it…

I should note that you shouldn’t buff your nails every day. But, a good buffer will give you long lasting shine.

5. Give yourself a DIY hand massage.

I don’t know about you, but a day spent in front of my computer can leave my hands feeling tight and cramped. And, cold winter weather doesn’t help anything. I like following the suggestions in this video for a DIY massage that is perfect for pampering sore hands. Plus, you can use the lotion you stocked up on in tip #3!

How do you care for your hands during the winter?

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  1. GREAT idea for a post! My hands get so dry in the winter as do everyone I talk to so this us awesome!! LOVE your nails!

  2. I wish I could say I do a good job with this! Scarlet gets really dry hands and they chap and it makes her cry. I hate that! Mine are dry but not painful. I’m going to work on your tips with her.

  3. My nails are the same whether I wear polish or not. Many moons ago, I tested them for 3 years with nothing on them (I hated it) and noticed they were the same they’ve always been. No fair for me! Hehe.

  4. I normally care for my hands during winter more, that’s true. But I don’t like handcreams, though I know that Mary Kay and Aveda are good. I don’t know, I just feel “sticky”. But I do the other things, I dry my hands well and I try not to wear polish all the time, because it’s good for the nails to breathe! Loved the negative manicure with hearts!

  5. Great tips and you are right – hands surely take a beating this time of year. I went to have a manicure and it really helped. I like the idea of saving money and doing it yourself though!

  6. Skip the polish 😮 NOOOOOO!! ha, I know what you mean…my knuckles in particular get so cracked in the winter and they bleed sometimes. It’s totes disgusting. Need to invest in a good cream for the hands–you’re absolutely right!

    Hope you have a great weekend ahead, momma! XOXO

  7. Long time ago!! It’s nice to be back!!
    Great post!! How ever I have to correct you! Nails do not bread. You can read more about it here :
    Using nailpolish is not bad at all, it protects the nails. How ever, what’s really important is to use a nailoil but when it comes to the skin, indeed find a good hand cream. I can recommend Cuccio butter blend if a “fatter” cream is needed. 🙂 Wish you a lovely day 🙂 .

    1. Thanks for letting me know! From what I’ve read, most nail polishes contain harmful chemicals that dry out your nails and cause cracks and peeling. It’s good to hear another opinion 🙂