Le Tote Review: My thoughts after 3 totes

LE TOTE is like the old school Netflix but for clothes and accessories. After filling out a style profile, you can request your choice of clothing and accessories then send them back at any time. It’s a brilliant idea, especially if you don’t have a lot of closet space or don’t like repeating outfits.

I experimented with Le Tote for a month and received three totes. Finding a box on my doorstep is always exciting, and the boxes from Le Tote did not disappoint.

Le Tote Review

Le Tote offers two subscription plans – Classic and Maternity. I tried the Classic plan, which has three monthly options:
3 clothing items + 2 accessories $59 /mo
4 clothing items $59 /mo
2 clothing items + 1 accessory $39 /mo

You can keep a tote for as long as you want, and there isn’t a limit to how often you can send a tote back in a month. Because of a Black Friday deal, I scored my first tote free (hooray!), so I opted to try the three clothing items and two accessories option.

How Le Tote Works

1. Fill out a style profile.
2. Select your monthly plan.
3. Confirm or customize your tote.
4. Get excited while you wait for your tote.
5. Open your box and try on everything.
6. Wear everything as much as you want.
7. Send back any pieces you don’t want to buy. (Shipping is free!)
8. Rate your tote.
9. Repeat steps 3-8.

Le Tote #1

Le Tote just might be the answer to an affordable, unlimited closet or at least fewer laundry days. I'm sharing thoughts on 3 totes in this Le Tote review.

My first tote was a success, and I really liked the top and dress. I wish I could have kept the top and dress longer, but you have to send everything back at one time. If you keep something, you buy it. You can read my full review here.

Le Tote #2

Le Tote just might be the answer to an affordable, unlimited closet or at least fewer laundry days. I'm sharing thoughts on 3 totes in this Le Tote review.

For my second tote, I picked a dress, clutch, and necklace to wear to The Phantom of the Opera. The sweater was too adorable not to try. The only piece I did not wear was the blazer. See my full review here.

Le Tote #3

Le Tote just might be the answer to an affordable, unlimited closet or at least fewer laundry days. I'm sharing thoughts on 3 totes in this Le Tote review.

I’m a little late posting my thoughts on my third tote. As you can see from the unboxing video, I got this tote before Christmas.

I kept the third tote the longest and specifically picked pieces to wear over the holidays. I forgot to take pictures of the turtleneck sweater, probably because it was my least favorite item of the bunch, but I wore all five pieces several times. I was very sad to send this tote back!

Should you try Le Tote? My thoughts…

Things I liked:

  • Shipping was fast. If I mailed a box back on Monday, I had my new picks by Wednesday.
  • A stylist curates your tote, but you have the option to customize and switch out any and all items.
  • You can buy anything from your tote.
  • Shipping items back is easy.
  • You don’t have to wash anything before sending it back.
  • Items arrived in good condition.
  • You can put your membership on hold.
  • It’s a fun way to switch up your wardrobe.

Things I didn’t like:

  • You are limited to what’s available and can’t just choose anything from your closet.
  • You have to send everything back at one time.
  • Sometimes fit was an issue.
  • You have to call to cancel.

Overall, I like Le Tote and had fun trying new pieces. The big drawback for me is that I would rather spend $60 a month on clothes I can keep and not have to send back. However, I can see returning to this subscription during the holidays and other times when I might want to add a little variety to my wardrobe.

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  1. Wow so it is kind of like renting clothes if you are not sure you want to keep them? What an interesting concept! They picked some cute items for you!

  2. It’s a great idea but like you say, I’d rather spend money on something I can keep. It would be good if you’re wanting to experiment a bit.

    Corinne x

  3. I lovelovelove this review! Le Tote sounds like a fab service – and I agree, I think it would be the most fun during the holiday season. I probably wouldn’t try it out myself due to the fact that most clothing items fit too big on me – I have to be really careful with what I buy; but I loved a lot of the pieces you received!

    cat eyes & skinny jeans recently posted..{fashion folio} pink fridayMy Profile

  4. You always look cute! I like several of your items, but I don’t know if I could keep up with the calling and mailing. I am kind of a slacker.

  5. The calling to cancel is the biggest pain. I don’t usually mind the membership fee, but do try to get several boxes in a month. I use it to spruce up my work wardrobe mostly, so I’ll experiment a bit more with styles. But it definitely can get expensive. However, it is a weird concept in some ways to be paying for something you won’t own….

    I like the items you got; they suit your style!

  6. Its such an interesting concept and it would be great if you were looking to try something new or figure out your style. That blue cold shoulder sweater would have been hard to send back!

    Doused In Pink

  7. This is really good, I like Le Tote and the items that they sent, especially the amazing Indian style tunic. The accessories are also great and I liked the prices, but as you said, there’s no way to choose, although they have good taste!Hope you have a very nice weekend!

  8. Sucks the turtleneck sweater didn’t work for you. Both it and the cold shoulder sweater look so good. I’ve never had a clothing subscription service before, but it does seem good for the whole “try before you buy” thing.

  9. Oh wow. I have not heard of this service before. I like the idea of returning the pieces to be honest as my wardrobe is overflowing. Thanks for the review.

  10. I like the concept of this service but I’m like you…it would be nice to be able to keep the pieces you like. Still….you look great in these outfits:)

  11. This sounds like fun, especially for someone like me who could use a closet refresh. 🙂 I love the Lucky top and the cold shoulder sweater is adorable as well.