Stitch Fix for women over 50

Today, my mom is taking over the blog to tell you about how everyone’s favorite styling service, Stitch Fix, works for women over 50!

I look forward to reading and posting Stitch Fix reviews, but I’ve noticed that there aren’t a lot of reviews that focus on women over 50. I think that’s a shame, so earlier this year I convinced my mom to give Stitch Fix a try. In today’s post, we switched places, and while I wielded the camera, she posed in front of it.

A Quick Refresher: How Stitch Fix Works

  1.  Fill out a style profile and share your likes and dislikes with your stylist. I recommend putting together a Pinterest board.
  2. Schedule your box. They can be sent to you automatically or you can schedule a box one at a time.
  3. Pay $20 when your box is styled.
  4. Get excited while you wait for your box.
  5. Open your box and try on everything your stylist sends you.
  6. Decide what to keep and what to send back. (You have 3 days to do this.)
  7. Share your thoughts at checkout so your stylist has a better idea of what to send you next time.
  8. Send back any pieces you don’t want. (Shipping is free!)

Stitch Fix for Women over 50
Today my mom is taking over the blog to tell you about how the styling service Stitch Fix works for women over 50!

1. Central Park West Metzler Off The Shoulder Top – $88

I liked the off the shoulder styling, but was not so crazy about the plaid as I felt it was not the most flattering.

Today my mom is taking over the blog to tell you about how the styling service Stitch Fix works for women over 50!

2. Heartloom Candi Cross Front Top – $88

3. Kut From The Kloth Connie Distressed Frayed Hem Skinny Jean – $88

I thought long and hard about keeping the black top, I liked the cross front design and the detailing at the shoulders, but in the end I decided against it because I already have so much black in my wardrobe and I really wanted more color for spring. The jeans were a definite “yes” from the moment I put them on. Being “curvy” it is hard to find a pair of skinny jeans that fit well. These were perfect all the way around and the distressed look and frayed hems were right on fashion point.

Today my mom is taking over the blog to tell you about how the styling service Stitch Fix works for women over 50!

4. Franco Sarto Quinera Lace Up Heel – $119

The heels fit perfectly and were soooo comfortable, and I liked how they looked with the jeans. However, at the time I wasn’t sold on suede for spring so I sent them back. I immediately regretted my decision and have been obsessing about them ever since. I will definitely be adding booties to my wardrobe.

 Today my mom is taking over the blog to tell you about how the styling service Stitch Fix works for women over 50!

5. Eliza J. Kimm Cold Shoulder Knit Dress – $98

 The dress was the only item I disliked, in fact, so much that I refused to be photographed in it. Yes, it was that bad. It was too big in places and too small in others …. sad face. But with so many other wonderful things in my box, the disappointment wasn’t that bad.

Final thoughts…

As someone who tends to be a creature of habit, I need a push to try new fashions and I loved having someone else push me fashion forward. I had the chance to try styles and brands I never would have tried before and learned a few things about myself in the process …. being over 50 (or even 60, ahem) does not mean distressed jeans are only things from my distant past, and, yes, I really do want to wear suede booties this spring!

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  1. What a fun post!
    I really hope you do get those booties, or ones like them! Suede or no suede.
    Awesome decision about the jeans.

  2. Oh my gosh what a great post! I love hearing and seeing your beautiful mom. I love stitch fix and their boxes. I love all the pieces she received!

  3. Stitch Fix is great, I read from a friend who is over 40 (a blogger friend) that it is very nice. Lovely that your mom gave her opinion and I loved the tops – the plaid one is really super sweet, although she didn’t like it very much. I also loved the booties/sandals, they are really elegant! Hope you have a beautiful day!

  4. Such a good idea! Hello to your mom! Glad the jeans were such winners! Hope she finds the perfect suede booties for spring!

  5. I’ve heard of stitch fix and I love the concept. I’ve been wanting a stylist since I was a teenager. My issue is the fact that I have to send the clothes back if I don’t want them. No matter how easy and convenient they make it I know I will forget and end up paying for clothing I don’t want. I need to stop being a scary cat, and lazy and just get a trail membership. I love these shoes. OMG is this your Mom Ashley? She’s beautiful, and she looks super cute, very stylish

  6. Oh how sweet is this – I love it! Your mom should totally start a fashion blog for those of us a little older. Love those shoes and the fix!I cannot wait for mine to come in!