The one part of your body you’re neglecting in your skincare routine

You've got your anti-aging skincare routine down pat when it comes to caring for your face, but what about your décolletage? The SiO System is here to help!

We all know to wear sunscreen, apply moisturizer, and wash our faces every night, but there’s one part of your body you’re probably forgetting in your skincare routine – your décolletage. When I was contacted about trying SiO BEAUTY’s anti-wrinkle beauty regimen, I was intrigued. I use anti-aging products on my face, but the rest of my body just gets lotion.

The delicate skin of your chest starts aging in your 20’s, and those wrinkles can prematurely age you. SiO is a non-invasive 3-step system clinically proven to help smooth the appearance of chest wrinkles, which can be caused by aging, sun damage, side sleeping, and even gravity.

I don’t think any of us want to look older than what we really are, and I’m all for a beauty routine that works while I’m sleeping.

How the SiO System works

You've got your anti-aging skincare routine down pat when it comes to caring for your face, but what about your décolletage? The SiO System is here to help!

Step #1

Décolleté Cleansing Discs: Swipe Cleanse Prepare

These cleansing discs are just like the ones you might have used to clean your face. The cleansing discs lightly exfoliate and clear pores as well as prep your chest for the skinpad. Ideally, you use the Décolleté Cleansing Discs 30 minutes before moving on to step #2.

Step #2

SiO SkinPad: Wear Replenish Smooth

Made of medical grade silicone and oxygen, the patent-pending SkinPad plumps, softens, hydrates, brightens, and smooths skin while you sleep. At first, I was a little nervous that the SkinPad would be uncomfortable to wear while I slept, but once it was on, I hardly noticed it.

Step #3

Décolleté Serum: Hydrate Smooth Brighten

The final step is a serum that firms, and tightens the skin’s surface while brightening and hydrating your skin. Ingredients include red algae, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid. It’s, also, free from phthalates, parabens, and propylene glycol. The serum feels very moisturizing and has a very light scent.

My thoughts on the SiO System…

You've got your anti-aging skincare routine down pat when it comes to caring for your face, but what about your décolletage? The SiO System is here to help!

While I don’t have a wrinkly décolletage, keeping it that way is a top priority. One of these days, sunburns and side sleeping will catch up with me. I’ve used the SiO System once a week for three weeks, and my skin looked brighter and refreshed after each use.

There’s nothing complicated about the 3-step system, and the SkinPad was surprisingly comfortable to wear. When I removed the SkinPad in the morning, there was a “rosy glow” where the pad had been, but it quickly disappeared.

For best results, you should use the system every night. I like that the SkinPad can be reused up to 15 times, and you get two pads in a pack. With wedding and pool season just around the corner, now is definitely the time to start thinking about how to care for your décolletage.


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What’s missing in your skincare routine?

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  1. It’s good–it’s not my fave product for that area–but it def works!! I have some already or I’d enter! Good luck to all, def worth entering, y’all!

  2. You’ve got the right idea on starting to take care of your skin before it shows that it needs it. I just had my birthday this past Friday and can tell you that most people can not correctly guess my age and I credit that entirely to my mother who slathered skin care on me since I was a child. That and sunscreen – just wear it.

    Fun giveaway, I’d love to win it to sample.

    p.s. Don’t neglect your neck!
    Jaime Haney recently posted..Birthday weekendMy Profile

  3. I actually am remembering my neck area in my skin care routine. I’ve seen a lot of older women on reality TV with young looking faces and old looking necks to remember to take care of that area as well. You know another area that people might be forgetting? Their hands.
    Oh to Be a Muse recently posted..Denim on DenimMy Profile

  4. Thanks so much for sharing and what a great giveaway! I seriously never even thought about that body part before–that’s crazy, because HELLO it’s right under my face 🙂 LOL, hope you have a great week,, my sweet!
    Charlotte recently posted..My May MantrasMy Profile

  5. Wow! I have been seeing this product around and I wasn’t sure what it was all about and now I know – and it’s really a good idea to take care of it! I will have to give this a try

  6. I’ve honestly never even thought about this before, but I guess it makes sense. Glad this system was a winner for you for prevention!

  7. I so agree with Cheryl’s comment above….you can really tell the age of some of those reality TV stars because they forgot to take care of the décolletage!

  8. I’ve always taken good care of my skin, but I’d love to keep this area as smooth and wrinkle free as possible!

  9. You read my mind, Ashley. I’ve been getting random bumps popping up on my décolletage, I have no idea where they are coming from, maybe it’s the necklaces I’m wearing, whatever it is I need it to stop. I’ve been using Rose Water to clean and treat the area and it’s been working wonders, but I would love to try this SiO system.

  10. I get such satisfaction from using a proper ‘system’ like this! I’m becoming hyper aware of sun damage in areas like chest and hands now I’m in Australia. Even when you don’t think it’s very sunny here there’s very strong UV so it’s doing damage without you noticing. It’s good to know there’s something aside from suncream that might help!
    Rachel recently posted..Expat Stories 4: The charity workersMy Profile

  11. I actually haven’t forgotten about this. 🙂 Well, lately I have, but previously when I had an anti-aging oil I made sure to slather it on my chest. I’m a side sleeper, I have a tendency to bend my body in half. One day I noticed when I woke up there was a crease, like I was really bending my self in half. I’ve been trying to stop sleeping on my side.
    However, I didn’t know there were products for this particular issue!! This is awesome.
    Dean recently posted..Spanx Leggings + White Button-up.My Profile

  12. My skin care is pretty simple, but moisture is key as I get older. I love this product, it sounds mailing!

  13. I actually haven’t forgotten about this area. Well, lately I have, but I was more on top of it when I had my anti-aging oil. I’m a side sleeper. Sometimes I have a tendency to bend myself in half, which will result in a crease! It goes away, but it scared me, so I started oiling and TRYING to lay flat.
    I had no idea there were products for this issue! Thank you.

  14. You’re right- I put sunscreen on my chest but I’ve never considered anti-wrinkle or moisturizing creams for it! Which is criminal because I’m sure the amount of sun damage in that area from my teenagehood and young adulthood spent at Renaissance Festivals (with a lot of it on display) is extensive. Good food for thought- thanks!

    (also- I haven’t visited your site in awhile but I LOVE the new look! That’s an adorable custom banner- that’s you, right? It looks very like you and I love it)