Woman No. 17 and more summer reading

May has been rather busy, but I still managed to squeeze in some reading. Thanks to the BookSparks Summer Reading Challenge, I have a growing book pile of awesome reads that promise plenty of summer bookworm fun. Plus, I keep buying books, so there is no end in sight to my TBR pile. I’m okay with that.

Thanks to the BookSparks Summer Reading Challenge, I have a growing book pile of awesome reads that promise plenty of summer bookworm fun.

Woman No. 17 by Edan Lepucki

My 3rd pick from the summer reading challenge is this not quite thriller but oddly creepy novel about a housewife and her nanny. Lady Daniels has two children and is going through a trial separation from her husband while she attempts to write a book about raising her now 18-year-old non-verbal son, Seth. Lady hires S to watch her youngest son, Devin, but S is not all she seems, and as a matter of fact, neither is Lady. Overprotective to the point of obsession, Lady is blind to the needs of Seth and his budding relationship with S. Meanwhile, S has turned nannying into performance art as she becomes tangled up in Lady’s family life.

Reading this novel was like waiting for a train wreck to happen. Everyone is making bad decisions, and it seems like it’s only a matter of time before Lady’s and S’s secrets come crashing down. But, the explosive climax never came, and the tangled lives fell all too easily back into place. However, for a story with no likable characters, the novel is very well done.

This book was sent to me to review and is part of the BookSparks Summer Reading Challenge.

Thanks to the BookSparks Summer Reading Challenge, I have a growing book pile of awesome reads that promise plenty of summer bookworm fun.

Windfall by Jennifer E. Smith

This sweet, YA romance asks the age old question, “What would you do if you bought your best friend/crush a winning lotto ticket for his 18th birthday?” It was supposed to be a joke, but when Alice picks the winning lotto numbers, Teddy’s life is turned upside down as he claims the $140 million dollar prize. As Teddy is dazzled by all that money can by, Alice worries that she’s losing the boy she secretly loves.

So many parts of this book felt like they would really happen if someone you loved won the lottery. From losing the ticket to hiding it in a cookie jar to the spending frenzy, I’m pretty sure this is how the Mega Millions would play out for a lot of people. However, this being a YA romance, there’s a bankruptcy free happy ending.

This book was sent to me by Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.

Thanks to the BookSparks Summer Reading Challenge, I have a growing book pile of awesome reads that promise plenty of summer bookworm fun.

A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas

I loved book 2 in this series, and I was desperate to know what happened after that cliff hanger ending. I don’t want to spoil anything if you haven’t read this New Adult fantasy series, so skip this review if you want to be surprised.

Rhys and Feyre are my favorite fantasy couple, and I’m pretty sure all of my discretionary income will be going towards these candles so my home can smell like the Night Court. Fangirling aside, I expected book 3 to tear me up with all the feels, and that did not happen. Don’t get me wrong. The book did a great job of wrapping up the main story, and I’m intrigued to see where the next three books will go. However, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows had more pain and suffering than this epic journey. Where were the high stakes? Where was the ruin?

There was only one point (near the end) when I was tempted to throw my book across the room because the one thing I didn’t want to happen happened. But, then, a little High Lord magic and everything is okay again. (Which is fine because I needed that happy ending… but, maybe a few other characters should have died? And, maybe we didn’t need to steal the ending from book 1.)

All that to say, I liked it, but it could have been better. A Court of Mist and Fury is still my favorite.

What’s on your summer reading list?

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  1. Woman No.17 sounds so weird. I feel like there are a few TV shows that do that same thing — make you wait for something big to happen that never happens, all the while you’re having to listen to characters that aren’t likable. I’m currently reading The Couple Next Door — not sure how I feel about it yet. Will depend on the payoff if there is one.
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  2. Woman No. 17 sounds all sorts of intriguing, but the end… hmmm…
    Windfall sounds good! Have you ever watched Lottery Changed My Life? Or, the show on HGTV where lottery winners go house hunting? I always wonder what I would be like if I won. My husband always jokes that I would be a Super Target Shopper although I could be a Super Nordstrom Shopper. 😀 He’s probably right…
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  3. Wow- great progress on your reading challenge goals so far! I’m intrigued that Women No. 17 did such a good job with a cast of unlikeable characters. I always find it difficult to get into a story if I hate everyone in the book. 🙂
    And a winning lottery ticket sounds very nice right about now (teenagers would spend that money! I’d invest it and retire earlier, because I’m boring).

    What are you reading now?
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