The Fall Film Challenge

I’m in a movie rut. I tend to watch the same things over and over again. It’s visual comfort food, and it makes excellent background noise while I’m trying to get stuff done. When I saw The Fall Film Challenge mentioned on Life as Louise, I was intrigued. From September 1st through November 30th, you watch 25 films that you’ve never seen before and that fit into one of the 25 categories. The challenge is hosted by Quirky Pickings.

I confess that I am terrible at following through with challenges. I have the best of intentions, but life gets busy, or I get bored, and the challenge falls away. Still. There are quite a few movies I’ve wanted to watch and never got around to watching. Most of the movies on my list have been out for a while, but there are a few newer ones mixed in. I love historical films and costume dramas, which will seem pretty obvious when you read this list.

The Fall Film Challenge is hosted by Quirky Pickings from Sept 1st - Nov 30th. You watch 25 films that you've never seen before. Here's what's on my list!

one. starring anthony hopkins. Proof
three. about charity: an organization, an individual, a cause, an act… interpret this as you will. Woman in Gold
four. starring robert downey, jr. Tropic Thunder
five. about envy: a character, a plot device… use your imagination. Amadeus
six. about faith. Schindler’s List
seven. about greed. The Social Network
eight. about hope. The Shawshank Redemption
nine. starring jeremy irons. The French Lieutenant’s Woman
ten. about justice. A Few Good Men
eleven. starring kevin bacon. Footloose 
twelve. about lust. Cloud Atlas
thirteen. starring ian mckellen. X-Men: Days of Future Past
fourteen. set in a castle. Howl’s Moving Castle
fifteen. about fortitude. Suffragette
sixteen. about pride.  Frost/Nixon
seventeen. starring alan rickman. A Promise
eighteen. released last year and reviewed on slothsandmovies.comThe Light Between Oceans
nineteen. about temperance. A Quiet Passion
twenty. about prudence. Far from the Madding Crowd
twenty-one. starring val kilmer. Batman Forever
twenty-two. about wrath. Beautiful Creatures
twenty-three. set in an exotic locale. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
twenty-four. about gluttony. The Bling Ring
twenty-five. set in space. Passengers

What movies would be on your Fall Film Challenge list?

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  1. What a fun idea. But realistically one I could not commit to. Schindler’s List, have a box of Kleenex with you. The Shawshank Redemption was very good. I believe A Few Good Men was the best acting performance for Tom Cruise.

    As for my list, would need to give this a bit more thought.

  2. This is such a fun and potentially entertaining challenge. I like how there are specific categories to help guide your film choices.

  3. I have never done a film challenge before! Actually, I’ve never heard of one! I think this is such a cool idea because fall is my time to hibernate until spring – yes, I can’t stand the chill. I have an autoimmune thing and well, I freeze. LOL! You’ll find me all bundled up with netflix.

  4. I still watch movies but not as much as I used to. I love binge-watching season of sitcoms, instead of it being over in an hour I have multiple hours to fall in love with characters and watch them develop. I’m going to join in on your Fall Film Challenge. Looks like fun

  5. I love the Movie Challenge list idea! I have seen a few on your list. I just saw Hacksaw Ridge for the first time. Excellent (but very graphic) movie!

  6. i’m so glad you’re participating!! THANK you. :] make sure you post your list to the facebook page.

    i’ve only got five folks playing along at present. i do hope some of yall who’ve commented join in. don’t worry if you don’t finish. ultimately, the goal is to get you seeing things you’ve not seen before and engaging in conversation with others.

  7. What a great challenge idea! Sometimes we struggle with what to watch, this would definitely help! Also, Footloose is one of my all time favorites! I hope you like it!

  8. If I were you, I would change Passengers to Life! (unless you have already seen it), and Social Network and Tropic Thunder are both really good…in very different ways.

    I made a queue for Netflix DVDs so that I could (slowly) make my way through my to watch movie list. Just checked off Girl on the Train this weekend. It was unsettling and not quite the triumph I remember from the book. Eh, you can’t love em all!

  9. Great picks! I’m glad you decided to do this!
    I’ve never completed the challenge and I always fall off the wagon halfway through, but it’s fun anyway 🙂
    Also, as far as historical dramas go, you should 100% watch The Tudors if you haven’t already 🙂 Netflix has all the seasons!
    Audrey recently posted..Mini LettersMy Profile

  10. I am not so good at challenges 🙂 The movie challenge seems to be very nice and some of the movies I have watched. I am trying to enter a challenge, but till now I am a bit skeptical… of my persistence 🙂 Well done! Hope you have a nice day!

  11. This is a stellar idea! Love your list. I have seen a bunch of them, but I’m adding the other ones to my must see list!
    Thanks for the inspiration 🙂


  12. There are so many classics I haven’t seen, so I would try to add those to my list. My daughter took a history of film class in school, and I had not seen a single film on her syllabus. Oh wait – I saw Casablanca – that’s it!

  13. i still haven’t seen The Light Between Oceans! i liked the book though. my husband and i watched tropic thunder the first real night in our new house, he’d seen it before but i never had. i liked it more than i thought i would. hope you like shawshank!