Life Lately: OMG it’s November

From seeing Leslie Odom, Jr. in concert to directing my first kids musical, here is a look at life lately.

Life Lately…

Reading: The Comfort Food Diaries by Emily Nunn. I love a memoir that involves food. Scattered throughout the author’s journey to sobriety and belonging are delicious sounding recipes I can’t wait to try.

Watching: Poldark. Season three is currently airing on PBS, and the drama between the Poldarks and the Warleggans continues to build.

Listening to: Rag’n’Bone Man’s “Human.” My theme song for October. Also, loving Climbing Tree’s “Fall.”

Eating: All of the cookies. I love these tahini cookies from Shutterbean.

Directing: The Most Epic Birthday Party Ever. Last month, I directed my first kids musical. I had so much fun, and the kids did, too.

Seeing: Leslie Odom, Jr. in concert. His voice is like velvet. I, also, went to an Alan Alda talk/book signing.

Blogging about: Chocolate body scrub and other good thingsLife’s little indulgencesLast minute Halloween costume: Pretty WomanWill Amazon Outfit Compare help you decide what to wear?, and What’s in my October 2017 Ipsy Glam Bag!

Link loving: How to be an Amazing Influencer Like MeAD Visits Robert Downey Jr.’s Playful Hamptons Home, Tex Mex Breakfast EnchiladasHow Jane Austen’s Emma changed the face of fiction.

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  1. Oh that is so awesome that you directed a kids musical!! And that book sounds interesting–I haven’t read a ton of food memoirs but they’re right up my alley as a food + book lover 🙂

  2. November! OMG! It’s here! What a fun thing to do to direct a kid’s play. I’m looking forward to checking out those links. I’ve heard that memoir by Nunn is worth reading. I’ll have to add that one.

  3. I love the color of your converse- it’s my favorite color, and perfect for the season! Someone else just mentioned Poldark to me yesterday! She’ described it as an 18th century soap opera haha. Sounds pretty interesting! I love Humans, but haven’t heard the other one; I’ll have to check it out. So cool that you got to see Leslie Odom Jr. perform! I agree- his voice makes me melt!

  4. i love a good memoir with recipes too so i will have to check that one out. i really want to watch poldark because i’ve heard it’s amazing, but i want to try and read the books first. we shall see.

  5. I tried to watch an episode of Poldark but it was on a plane and they only had a random episode and it was halfway through a big storyline and full of references that I just didn’t understand so it was a bit of a fail. Nice scenery though. I think I might try again from the beginning!
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