6 Podcasts to binge on a holiday road trip

If you are hitting the road this holiday season, a podcast is the perfect way to past the time. Here are 6 podcasts to binge on your holiday road trip.

Most of my childhood travels happened by car. My younger brothers and I would be squashed in the backseat, elbowing each other for more room, while we tried to entertain ourselves with various books and games. One of my favorite ways to pass a long road trip was listening to radio shows, like Adventures in Odyssey. As an adult, it’s podcasts I turn to for entertainment on a long drive.

If you are hitting the road this holiday season, a podcast binge is the perfect way to past the time. Of course, I recommend listening to these podcasts even if you are staycationing.

6 Podcasts to binge on a holiday road trip

1. What Should I Read Next?

I guarantee your TBR pile will never shrink if you listen to this podcast by Anne of Modern Mrs. Darcy. Anne interviews readers about their favorite books, asking them about three books they love, one book they hate, and what they’re reading lately.

Dive in with these episodes:

2. TED Radio Hour

Stay up to date with the latest in technology, education, and design with this mix of interviews and clips from previous TED Talks. This podcast never fails to give me something new to think about.

Dive in with these episodes:

3. History Extra

In association with BBC History Magazine, this podcast digs deeper into topics by interviewing notable historians, who share their thoughts on history and on their own research. Not as boring as that might sound.

Dive in with these episodes:

4. The Thrilling Adventure Hour

Billed as “A stage show and podcast in the style of old time radio,” this podcast is a hilarious spoof of commercials and pulp fiction that could have graced the airwaves in a bygone era. This is a show you will want to start from the beginning, and you may not want little ears around.

Dive in with these episodes:

5. Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

I like learning about history, so I’m including two history podcasts in this roundup. Unlike History Extra, which goes briefly into a subject, Dan Carlin digs deep. His King of Kings series is over 12 hours long as Dan picks apart ancient history. It’s fascinating, but you may not want little ears hearing about how traitors were treated at that time…

Dive in with these episodes:

6.Β The Next Right Thing

Emily P. Freeman’s podcast is soothing, like a cup of comfort for your ears. This is a pretty new podcast, but each week Emily talks about creating ways for your soul to breathe.

Dive in with these episodes:

What are your favorite podcasts?

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  1. I’ve never listened to — well I shouldn’t say I haven’t. I have listened to a podcast and I just couldn’t do it. I got so bored. I do listen to AM radio which I guess is like a podcast? I just need music baby!
    Maybe I’d give these ones a go. They do sound interesting!

  2. We love doing podcasts on roadtrips, we get sleepy to music sometimes! It’s a great idea to load up a few for a long roadtrip!

  3. I love lists for podcasts! I’m always adding new ones. I love Hardcore History. His take on World War 1 was thrilling and tragic. I also love his Common Sense where he tackles current events.

  4. I love podcasts. I should get back into the now I have a long commute again. The BBC history one and ted talks one sounds right up my street.

    Corinne x

  5. I wish I loved podcasts but I just don’t. I just never find time to listen to them and when I have time, I’d rather listen to music and do other things (with my hands). I might have to check these out anyways, though.

  6. I LOVE Podcasts and all of these sound great! I already love Ted Talk Radio Hour, but am not sure I’ve heard the Hero’s Journey one and since I used to teach a unit about that to my 4th graders, its like you sharing an extra chocolate bar or other extra yummy treat!!

    Other podcasts I love: How I Built This (Guy also hosts this. I’m always telling someone about something heard on this podcast. It’s about how start-ups and movements etc. get started); 99% Invisible (About design. You might like the ones about how movie sets are chosen, and about some of the buildings in LA). I also love Stuff You Missed in History Class (exactly what it says on the tin) and Classic Film Jerks (two “jerky” guys watch classic movies, talk about and decide whether the movies should be classics or not). I’ve also recently started a series called “Call Your Girlfriend.” Not sure if I like it or not…. it is two long distance friends who talk about….stuff. Often political/feminist stuff from what I can tell, but also pop culture. Its a little scattered, but when they get good episodes, I love it. They did an episode called “Female Dystopia” and interviewed Margaret Atwood, which was fascinating.

    Off to add all of these to my Stitcher App (PS What do you use to play/get your podcasts?)

    1. All of those sound awesome! I usually listen on the iPhone podcast app, but I don’t the update, so I’m looking for a new way to listen.

  7. THANK YOU FOR THIS!! It’s been too long since I’ve listened to a podcast. Just opened Nobody Hates a Beautiful Book or Handwritten Letter.