My Favorite Blog Posts from 2017

Last week I shared my 10 Most Popular Posts from 2017. I’m always interested to see which posts ranked the highest. This week I want to share some of my favorite posts. While subscription box reviews and outfit posts are fun to do, sometimes I just want to write about life, the things I’m learning, and random things I’m up to. These aren’t necessarily my most popular posts of the year, but they are the posts I enjoyed writing and kept thinking about long after I posted them. In random order, here are my favorite blog posts from 2017

From gluten-free chocolate chip cookies to a behind the scenes look of a beauty pageant, here is a roundup of a few of my favorite blog posts from 2017.

♥ My favorite gluten-free chocolate chip cookie recipe and a Holiday Cookie Swap

♥ Two days in Stratford, Ontario

♥ On Vulnerability

♥ Life comes in seasons

♥ Last minute Halloween costume: Pretty Woman

♥ What I’m packing for pageant weekend – This post has my favorite vlog of 2017!

♥ Behind the scenes of a beauty pageant

♥ 6 Podcasts to binge on a holiday road trip

♥ Sometimes we fail

♥ This one’s for the dreamers

♥ The Growing Season

♥ Love yourself where you’re at

From gluten-free chocolate chip cookies to a behind the scenes look of a beauty pageant, here is a roundup of a few of my favorite blog posts from 2017. Click To Tweet

What are some of your favorite posts from last year?

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  1. My most popular posts varied greatly from my favorite posts. I like that you showcased both. It seems like you had a very memorable year. 🙂

  2. I loved so many of these posts!

    I haven’t even researched what posts were popular for me last year. I don’t feel like I was that popular last year. I kind of fell out of blogging toward the end of the year… as you know.


  3. I loved following along on your pageant adventures! I also enjoyed all of your subscription box posts as there were lots of good ones. I like them all 🙂

  4. I always love to look back on old posts and see how my writing style and content have changed over the years. I remember so many of these and it’s fun to look at them again 🙂

    Hope you have a great weekend, my sweet!!

  5. It’s always fun for me to go back at the end of the year to see which were my most popular posts compared to my personal favorites…especially when it comes to fashion. Very often the outfits I liked least are the popular. Go figure.

  6. Your post for the dreamers was the most. And the video …

    It’s interesting to see what your favorites were, too. You had lots to choose from – and about 3,296 Instagram posts that would be considered favorites, too.

    I got so disjointed and unpredictable in blogging at the end of 2017. I feel that none were my favorite on my blog because my favorites have always been the ones that had great conversation attached.

    I didn’t engage enough in 2017 to draw that kind of action. That’s the best part of blogging! Here’s to finding it again in 2018.

    And finding my way back here as much as humanly (or superhumanly) possible.

  7. This is a unique way to do a wrap up of the year – I haven’t seen this before, but it’s a great idea! I have a few favourite outfits from last year so I guess I could pull together a list like this – maybe I’ll do that next year! 🙂

    Hope that you are having a great weekend! We started our weekend early with the Australia Day public holiday which was nice 🙂
    Mica recently posted..Navy Printed Dresses and Red Saddle BagMy Profile

  8. It is always fun to look back on posts and re-read something from a year (or more) ago. I often feel like my blog is my online diary 🙂
    It is interesting to compare popular vs favourite posts.
    I nodded along to your post on “Life comes in seasons” because I find being mindful so difficult at times.

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