Can HomeDNA help you find the right diet and exercise plan?

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In search of a healthier life, I tried the HomeDNA Healthy Weight kit, which was sent for review, and am fascinated by my personalized report, which includes a custom diet and exercise plan.

I type this with a thick stack of papers next to my laptop. My results are in from the HomeDNA Healthy Weight test I took a few weeks ago, and I am still sorting through my results. My personalized report includes a breakdown of my weight loss ability, foods I need to eat, nutrients I need, as well as my body’s response to exercise. At 72 pages, the report is both fascinating and a little overwhelming.

January is a time when a lot of us stop and think about how we can be healthier in the new year. Diets and exercise habits are reexamined, goals are set for the next 365 days, and promises are made that we will do better than the year before. We all want to be healthy, but it’s not always easy to know how to live that healthy lifestyle. Earlier in the month, I shared the results of an at-home food intolerance test, and today, I’m sharing a different at-home DNA test – one that offers a personalized meal and exercise plan.

How the HomeDNA Healthy Weight Kit works

1. After receiving your kit, register it at

Enter the barcode on your DNA sample envelope, follow prompts to create your account, and pay the lab fee.

2. Collect the DNA sample

The kit includes:

  • 4 DNA collection swabs
  • DNA sample envelop
  • Prepaid return mailer

After filling out the sample envelope and swabbing the inside of your cheek with all four collection swabs, place the swabs in the sample envelope. Seal the sample envelope inside the prepaid return mailer and drop off at your nearest USPS location.

3. View your results

You should receive your results a few weeks after mailing your sample. You will be notified when your results are ready via email and/or text message.

My HomeDNA Healthy Weight Results

In search of a healthier life, I tried the HomeDNA Healthy Weight kit, which was sent for review, and am fascinated by my personalized report, which includes a custom diet and exercise plan.

It took a few weeks for me to get my results, and when I received an email announcing that my personalized report was ready, I was eager to see my results.

As I mentioned above, the report is quite long, but near the beginning is a summary of the results, which is broken down into four categories.

Weight Loss Ability: Below Average


Protein UtilizationEnhanced

Fat UtilizationNormal

Carb UtilizationNormal


Vitamin B9 – Folate TendencyBelow Average

Vitamin A TendencyLow

Vitamin B6 TendencyNormal

Vitamin B12 TendencyLow

Vitamin C TendencyNormal

Vitamin D TendencyNormal


Fat Loss Response to CardioBelow Average

Fitness Response to CardioBelow Average

Body Composition Response to Strength TrainingBelow Average

HDL Response to CardioEnhanced

Insulin Sensitivity to CardioEnhanced

Glucose Response to CardioEnhanced

I’m still digging through my results but am intrigued by the information in my personalized report. Knowing my family’s history, I am not surprised that my weight loss ability is below average. While I’m not trying to lose weight, people in my family have a hard losing and maintaining their weight loss.

As for food, the report suggests that I would have a better response to weight-loss with a diet of 25-30% lean protein, 25-35% healthy fats, and 40-50% complex carbs.

For exercise, it is recommended that I perform moderate to high intensity cardio four to five days a week for 200-300 minutes per week as well as strength training three days per week.

My personalized report, also, includes a custom meal and exercise plan.

My thoughts on HomeDNA Healthy Weight

While I’m not a doctor or a scientist, I found my results to be fascinating. An at-home test should never be used in place of professional medical advice, but I think my personalized report is a great starting point for implementing healthy changes when it comes to my diet and exercise.

You can find HomeDNA Healthy Weight kit at most CVS and Rite Aid drugstores, or online, for $119 at Use the promo code HW50 to save $50 off your order of the Healthy Weight Kit (making it a total of $69) until 4/30.

What healthy changes are you making this year?

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  1. Wow, 72 pages? That’s intense. I will say that if you were to ask pretty much any fitness trainee, they would tell you the same thing. Most people trying to lose weight would benefit from moderate to high intensity cardio five days a week and strength training three days a week. I need less carbs and more lean protein in my life.
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  2. I just did this and I found the results really interesting, too. I am still digging through my results and I’m looking forward to sharing them. It’s interesting how all of these results come out of your DNA!


  3. I would love to try this! I like the idea of having a diet that is good for you through the study of the DNA! It’s true, January is a time when we all think that we can be healthier and we try to find how! Really a great suggestion! Hope you have a very nice day!

  4. I was thinking about doing a natural bodybuilding competition actually I’m still thinking about doing a natural bodybuilding competition and they said the first thing I need to do is get my blood drawn to see exactly what my diet should be. So Yes Yes Yes I totally believe this home DNA collection kit can help you lose weight, Thanks for sharing this product. Have a great week Ashley.

    Mary |

  5. I heard on the radio that this week was finally the time we forgot our new year’s resolutions, but this here looks pretty fab for staying on track!

  6. This is pretty fascinating stuff! I’m currently participating in a 12-week study through 23andme about weight loss and genetics. It’s great to see applied science instead of the old ‘one size fits all’ approach to diet and nutrition. Are you going to see a dietician next, about those low and enhanced items?

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