What’s saving my life right now

Taking my cue from Modern Mrs. Darcy, I’m sharing a few things that are making my life a little better and my days a little brighter. Here are five things that are saving my life right now….

Taking my cue from Modern Mrs. Darcy, I'm sharing a few things that are making my life a little better and my days a little brighter. Here are five things that are saving my life right now....

1. Investing in my career.

For the last few years, I’ve dabbled in voice overs – going to auditions and workshops – but never made it a priority. However, my agency is updating their website and asked talent to submit a voice over demo. Plus, they offered to book a recording space at a discounted rate for those interested. I jumped on the opportunity and recorded my demo a couple of weeks ago. This is something I thought about doing at home with my new Yeti mic, but it was such a relief to go to a studio with a sound tech and director who made sure my demo was the best it could be.

2. Saying no to opportunities I could take or leave.

Last year I felt like I couldn’t say no to anything, and life got pretty overwhelming at times. This year, I’m trying to be more careful about what I say yes and no to. I was recently asked to be a dresser at a few fashion shows this spring, which is something I enjoy doing. Except. The shows are 1.5-2 hours away plus traffic. The weather is unpredictable. Sometimes I hurt too much to drive… I’ve had some great experiences dressing the shows, but it didn’t feel right to say yes, so I said no. A few days later, someone else offered me the opportunity to be involved in a few local theatre events. It felt like the heavens opened and rewarded me for saying no to something that didn’t feel right so that I could say yes to something that did.

3. Good smelling soap.

There is currently a bottle of Bath & Body Works Gentle Foaming Hand Soap in Vanilla Bean Noel sitting on the counter in the bathroom. Every time I wash my hands, I catch a wonderful whiff of vanilla, and it’s as if all is right in the world. Last week, a lady in my jewelry class handed out her handmade goat’s milk soap. She gave me a beautiful soap that smells like gingerbread. I have it tucked away in a drawer, letting its scent warm my clothes. This time of the year is full of good smells, and I love it.

4. Daily wear contacts and Alaway drops.

Dry, itchy eyes have been plaguing me for a while. Last year, after seeing a new doctor, I made the switch to daily wear contacts . While I’m not thrilled with the resulting price hike, my eyes do not dry out nearly as often. Another recommendation was the Alaway Antihistamine Eye Drops, which has, also, been a great help for my dry, itchy eyes.

5. Seeing movies with MoviePass.

I usually only see a few movies a year in theatres, but recently, I bought myself a MoviePass and have already seen three movies over the past few weeks. The cost is $9.95 a month for one movie every 24 hours at participating theatres. Normally, I would wait to rent movies like The Post and Darkest Hour and watch them at home, but it’s so much fun seeing new movies on a big screen. I’m definitely getting my money’s worth with this subscription.

What’s saving your life right now?

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  1. I have to wholeheartedly agree with your Second one. This year I say no more often. And knowing the difference between something that doesn’t pay a lot but will tear away my soul, and things that are easy and pay a lot.
    At first I couldn’t tell that I had cut back on work until I realized I had eaten lunch twice in one week. I have been skipping lunch for months! Not cool.
    Tamara recently posted..7 Unique and Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s DayMy Profile

  2. I’m not a big movie theater person, but moviepass sounds amazing- it’s definitely more than $10 just to see one movie, so what a great deal! It’s such a good feeling when you can say no to things that might have stressed you out had you say yes, and it sounds like saying no to some things opened up some other great opportunities for you!

  3. Totally agree with you on the handsoap thing. I recently splashed out on a stupidly expensive one but it brings me so much joy! A nice smelling soap gift is even better.

    I have daily contact lenses too, but my eyesight isn’t bad enough for me to wear them very often. So I’m making the effort to wear them more, because life is just a bit less annoying when I do.
    Rachel recently posted..The stories behind my Instagram top 9My Profile

  4. I have daily contact lenses too but I only wear them a few times a month because I struggle so much putting them in. I keep telling myself I’m going to use them more often so I get used to it but often give up, haha.

    Corinne x

  5. That’s awesome that saying no to something freed you up to do something you really wanted to do. It’s hard to say no to opportunities when your ‘only’ excuse is your mental and physical health. It seems so strange to say that because those are the things that truly matter, but I feel like we push those things aside to say yes. I’m trying to get better about this too, and I feel like your anecdote is like a fable with a pretty obvious lesson. Now if only we’d heed it more often, right?


  6. ok you’re the second person to mention the movie pass and i want it!
    i used to think good smelling soaps were silly until i stopped buying them and then i went crazy using boring stuff. now i have pretty soap everywhere! it’s a must lol

  7. Love that you invested in your career – I’m in a completely different field and did a certification last year after ages of not doing any kind of class. It was so good to pass. I have another one coming up the end of March but was waffling on doing it – but you just reminded me, I need to!

  8. That moviepass sounds fantastic, especially when you’re a movie fan! I think that would save me too! At this moment, for me, writing my goals and taking small steps to achieve them.

  9. I’m so happy you were able to say no and then find something to yes to that you are excited about!
    I’ve heard about the movie flex passes. I’m glad it’s working out well with you! I’ve been meaning to look into those.

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