My mom is a Rod Stewart fan.  When I was younger, I always confused him with Barry Manilow (maybe it was the hair?), and I would call her into the room when the radio played anything from “Someone Like You” to “Copacabana”.  It’s become a bit of a joke between us now, so when I was offered the chance to review Rod Stewart’s new album, Time, I had to say yes.

It’s been almost twenty years since Stewart’s last album of new material.  While working on material for a memoir, Stewart was inspired to return to songwriting.  According to Stewart:

Suddenly ideas for lyrics were piling up in my head. Next thing I knew, I had a song called ‘It’s Over’ about divorce and separation. And now I was getting up in the middle of the night and scrambling for a pen to write things down, which has never happened to me. I finished seven or eight songs very quickly and I still wasn’t done, and it became apparent that I would eventually have a whole album of material to record.

“It’s Over” is one of my favorite songs from his new album, but you can sample the rest of the album here.

Time is now available on iTunes and Amazon.com


This is a review post for One2One Network.  I was sent a copy of the album and am eligible for a prize drawing.  All opinions stated are my own.

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