The Blogging Slump

sorry i'm not sorry

I’ve been blogging consistently since 2009, and I still enjoy blogging, but something has changed.  It’s not writer’s block.  I’m not sure what it is, but I don’t seem to be the only one in this slump.  This year there has been a lot of discussion about the death of blogging.  The blog is dead, long live the blog, from the Nieman Journalism Lab, discusses the rise of social media and mobile apps while IFB asks if blogging is dead or evolving.  Design Sponge’s State of the Blog Union breaks down changes in blogging, and just this morning, Tamara tweeted a link to Should I keep blogging? from Kiss My List.

My own priorities have changed a lot since I first started blogging.  In the beginning, I felt like I had to post at least five days a week.  This year my goal is to post three times a week.  A few years ago, joining blog networks was key to  driving traffic, but now social media is playing a larger role.  I, also, find myself spending more time on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest than I do on blogs.

I don’t think blogging is dead, but it is changing.  And, it needs to change.  Doing the same thing over and over again is boring after a while.  I now see my blog as home base, a headquarters for my other online activities.  While I am writing fewer posts, I’m trying to post more informative content and not just posting for posting’s sake.  I’m, also, thinking about vlogging again because I think it is a great way to discuss products and random bits of life.  While I am still finding my way, I am interested to hear about changes you’ve noticed in blogging and how you are adapting.  Also, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram!

What are your thoughts on the state of blogging?

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Floral Friday: Flower As Art

It seems impossible to ignore that festival season is upon us.  Modcloth’s selection of festival ready clothing and accessories has me ready to plan a trip to the nearest music fest, where I can stylishly groove to the latest and greatest hits.  Since your festival attire is not complete without a floral crown, I dug through […]

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Happy. Pretty. Sweet.

Happy Over the weekend, I went with my brothers to see Muppets Most Wanted.  Despite Josh Groban’s cameo being my favorite part of the movie, I’ve somehow managed to get this song stuck in my head. Pretty Since it’s Manicure Monday, you must check out these gorgeous nails inspired by Nonoo. Sweet For the last few […]

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Why Don’t You…?

Take a bubble bath? Go to the library and pick out a book from the children’s section? Devour homemade pączki on Mardi Gras? Plan a trip to a foreign country? Have an indoor beach party complete with swimsuits, beach towels, and picnic lunch? Learn to ballroom dance? Give yourself a festive manicure for St. Patrick’s Day? […]

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