Life Lately: Real Neat Blog Award

Life lately... this slouchy hat is one of my recent crochet projects.

Watching: Moana and Doctor Strange. The first is a sweet movie with a good soundtrack. The second is, well, strange, but it does have Benedict Cumberbatch! Also, I’m watching way too many Hallmark Christmas movies. Listening to: This mix of classic Jane Austen soundtracks. It’s guaranteed to put a smile on any Jane Austen fan’s face. Reading: A […]

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How to Host Your First Thanksgiving

A users guide to hosting your first family Thanksgiving created for the clueless, the lazy, and the uninitiated. Follow directions at your own risk.

Happy Thanksgiving week! I hope this short story puts a smile on your face as you juggle family gatherings, Black Friday sales, and the start of the holiday season… How to Host Your First Thanksgiving: A users guide to hosting your first family Thanksgiving created for the clueless, the lazy, and the uninitiated. Follow instructions at your […]

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Unplug: Thoughts on Slowing Down

A few thoughts on slowing down and unplugging from the rabbit hole known as the Internet.

It should be so easy to slow down, to step away from the computer, to put away my phone. With the holidays approaching, I want to spend more time in the real world and less time online. Yet, my phone and my computer constantly call to me, singing a siren song that is hard to […]

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5 Ways to Do Good This Holiday Season

Kindness isn't random. From supporting the troops to donating your voice, here are 5 ways to do good this holiday season. You'll want to do them all!

As JFK once said, “My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” People are so angry right now, and fear is fueling outrage to astounding proportions. Violence is not the answer. Bullying is not the answer. Rioting is not the answer. Smile at […]

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Life Lately: 8 Saturdays Till Christmas

Life lately... here's a look at what I'm reading, wearing, and thinking about lately.

Wearing: Pretty jewelry like this To Catch a Dream Necklace that Montana Silversmiths sent me to review. This Classic Utility Jacket from Gap is still getting a lot of play, too. Reading: A bunch of books for review plus Alison Weir’s The Wars of the Roses. Nothing puts a rough political season into perspective like a thick […]

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Sweet Progress Fall Box Swap

It's time to linkup and show off your happy mail from the Sweet Progress Fall Box Swap!

Happy November! Can you believe we only have two months left of 2016? I can’t believe it. Anyway… Earlier this fall, Dean (a.k.a. Mrs. AOK) and I hosted the Sweet Progress Fall Box Swap, and now it’s time to show off your swap packages. My swap partner is Natalie, who runs the fabulous blog Beauty […]

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Sweet Links: Fabulous Fall Edition

Snuggle in this fall weekend and peruse these fabulously sweet links. Your weekend will thank you.

I’m adding some of these 45 seriously spooky (but not quite scary) books to my fall reading list. Celebrate the end of a brutal election season with a party! Bipartisan Election Day Party Time with Etsy. Get your best ideas ready to pitch because The #BlogHer17 Call for Speakers and Ideas Is Open Through Nov. 9. I can’t […]

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How to Support Other Bloggers

The secret to success in life, business, and blogging is support, but knowing how to support others isn't always easy. Here are 5 ways to show support...

The secret to success in life, business, and blogging is support, but knowing how to support others isn’t always easy. Blogging, whether it is a business or a hobby, can be very time consuming. After spending hours brainstorming, writing, formatting, and promoting a post, I’m ready to step away from the computer and focus on […]

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What Hurts The Most: Life with Chronic Pain

What hurts the most... An essay on living life with chronic pain.

There are a lot of topics I don’t discuss on my blog. Politics. Relationships. Chronic pain. Blogging is my happy place, so the messy parts of life tend to stay hidden. I’m not sure that’s always a good thing. Online it’s easy to make one’s life look, if not perfect, at least better than what […]

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Life Lately: Fall Favorites

Life lately... Elton John, a photo shoot, a fabulous jacket and so much more. Here's a peek at what's happening in my life this fall.

Reading: The Light Between Oceans. I want to see the movie, but I have to read the book first. I’m pretty sure I’ll be finishing this book with a box of tissues keeping me company. Listening to: Lukas Graham’s “7 Years”. This song is my fall obsession. Wearing: This Classic Utility Jacket from Gap. I love that […]

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