Life Lately: Is it spring yet?

Life Lately: Is it spring yet? Here's a look at what I've been up to lately.

Eating: Pączki. My gluten free diet went out the window this Mardis Gras because it was impossible for me to say no to a chocolate filled doughnut. Watching: The Crown. This Netflix series is so good and deserves the hype. I, also, went to see the musical Newsies on screen, and it was almost as good […]

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Life Lately: OMG it’s February Edition

Life lately... here's a look at what I'm reading, watching, and making.

Re-reading: I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith. This delightful comfort read is a coming of age story set in a rundown English castle. It has one of my favorite opening sentences ever, “I write this sitting in the kitchen sink.” Doesn’t it make you want to know more? Watching: So much TV. There was […]

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Life Lately: Real Neat Blog Award

Life lately... this slouchy hat is one of my recent crochet projects.

Watching: Moana and Doctor Strange. The first is a sweet movie with a good soundtrack. The second is, well, strange, but it does have Benedict Cumberbatch! Also, I’m watching way too many Hallmark Christmas movies. Listening to: This mix of classic Jane Austen soundtracks. It’s guaranteed to put a smile on any Jane Austen fan’s face. Reading: A […]

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Life Lately: 8 Saturdays Till Christmas

Life lately... here's a look at what I'm reading, wearing, and thinking about lately.

Wearing: Pretty jewelry like this To Catch a Dream Necklace that Montana Silversmiths sent me to review. This Classic Utility Jacket from Gap is still getting a lot of play, too. Reading: A bunch of books for review plus Alison Weir’s The Wars of the Roses. Nothing puts a rough political season into perspective like a thick […]

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Life Lately: Fall Favorites

Life lately... Elton John, a photo shoot, a fabulous jacket and so much more. Here's a peek at what's happening in my life this fall.

Reading: The Light Between Oceans. I want to see the movie, but I have to read the book first. I’m pretty sure I’ll be finishing this book with a box of tissues keeping me company. Listening to: Lukas Graham’s “7 Years”. This song is my fall obsession. Wearing: This Classic Utility Jacket from Gap. I love that […]

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Currently: Summer Box Swap Edition

Currently... Pageant preparations, latest reads, and a summer blogger swap!

Currently… Preparing for: Pageant weekend. I’m so excited to be representing the Great Lakes next month. I wrote about pageants here and here. Follow me on Instagram for more pageant fun. Reading: Most of the books I’ve read this summer have been for the BookSpark’s Summer Reading Challenge, but I’m currently reading The Shell Seekers after […]

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Life Lately

Life Lately: A quick rundown of what I'm reading, thinking, and doing the last few weeks.

Life Lately… Making: An evening gown and challenging my sewing abilities. Drinking: Lots of water. I don’t drink nearly enough water and am working on changing that. Wanting: These jeans. This dress. This skirt. And, this tee. Wishing: This world was a happier and less complicated place. Enjoying: Alice Through the Looking Glass. Ignore the bad […]

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Currently: Sweatshirt and Jeans Edition

Currently sharing what I'm reading, listening to, and other such things.

Currently… Reading: Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. Even though I don’t watch any of her shows, I’m completely enjoying Shonda Rhimes’ memoir about changing her life by saying yes. Her book definitely makes me want to seize the day and every opportunity that comes my way. Watching: Gilmore Girls. I know I’m late to the party, […]

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Currently: Instagram Edition

Currently... doing the 30 day green smoothie challenge through Simple Green Smoothies.

Currently… Reading: Glass Shatters by Michelle Meyers. BookSparks sent me this to review, which I’ll be doing later this month. I’ve only just started it, but so far, I am liking the mystery. I’m in the middle of a handful of other books, too. War and Peace is taking me forever, but I like it much more […]

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Currently: Navy Coat and Blanket Scarf Edition

Currently reading, baking, and waiting for spring to arrive while reaching for my navy J. Crew coat and Forever 21 blanket scarf.

Watching: Merlin. I’m only on season one, but there’s nothing like cheesy sci-fi graphics and a quasi-historical setting to get my heart in a flutter. Baking: Gluten free oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I’ve been eating way too many cookies this week, but I tell myself they aren’t that unhealthy. What’s an oatmeal cookie but a […]

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