The Growing Season

It's uncomfortable to do new things. It's scary to realize that you are not in control. A pretty quote taped to your fridge probably isn't going to help.

“Lean into it, privates!” The drill sergeant looked practically vertical as he stomped up the hill that loomed before us like a small mountain. It was nearly midnight. We had been marching for hours while wearing heavy rucksacks and shuffling as quietly as we could for 15 kilometers. My arms were numb, and my weapon […]

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I Try

This is a story about how I became a #BlogHer16 Voices of the Year Honoree. Sometimes done is better than good. I try, and you should, too.

I almost didn’t submit the picture. I almost didn’t even post it. The picture wan’t the most flattering, and the angle was off, but I kept coming back to that picture and to how happy we looked. Last summer, my cousin and I participated in The Color Run. It was one of our last hurrahs […]

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The Legend of Brad Pitt

Celebrity stories are a popular way to pass the time in extra's holding, but one story in particular is always a favorite, The Legend of Brad Pitt.

This happened in 2008. One of my dreams is to write a memoir, so from time to time, I’ll be sharing stories with you. For other stories about my acting journey, check out Pink’s Hot Dogs, That Time I Was an Extra on E.R., and Living that L.A. Life: An Actor’s Tale. In the cramped quarter’s of extra’s holding, […]

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