How I Whiten Sensitive Teeth

How I whiten my sensitive teeth with SmileBrilliant!

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Sometimes I feel self-conscious about my smile. My parents spent a small fortune on my teeth while I was growing up. Teeth were pulled. A retainer was issued. More teeth were pulled. Braces were added. Braces were taken off. Another retainer was issued. My smile should feel like a million bucks, but even with all the work put into my teeth, sometimes I worry that might smile isn’t bright enough, isn’t white enough.

Whether you are flipping through a magazine or watching your favorite show, you can’t miss images of celebrities sporting brilliantly white teeth. Happy, healthy, and wealthy, people with white teeth seem to be one step ahead in the game of life.

From baking soda to whitening strips, there are lots of inexpensive ways to whiten your teeth, but in my opinion, their results leave much to be desired. I’ve tried scrubbing strawberries on my teeth and adding baking soda to my tooth paste. I’ve used countless boxes of whitening strips, which irritated my sensitive teeth and left my smile only slightly whiter. So, when Smile Brilliant contacted me about trying and reviewing their teeth whitening products, I was intrigued.

How I whiten my sensitive teeth with Smile Brilliant!

Prior to SmileBrilliant!, the custom fitted tray was only available at the dentist office for $500 or more. I don’t know about you, but spending $500 on dental work does not sound like a fun way to spend money. Plus, making extra trips to the dentist for the mold and then the treatment sounds like a nuisance. Not only does Smile Brilliant make it convenient to whiten your teeth at home, but their cost is much more affordable.

Teeth Whitening Trays Kit

How I whiten my sensitive teeth with SmileBrilliant!

The whitening kit comes with everything one needs, including easy to understand directions that walk you through making your own dental impressions and applying the whitening gel.

Making the dental impressions…

How I whiten my sensitive teeth with SmileBrilliant!

After folding the white and blue paste into each other, you smooth it into one of the trays then gently pop the tray into your mouth. You wait a few minutes for the paste to set then you pop the tray out and do the next one. This step was surprisingly easy, but I like that the kit included extra paste just in case you mess up. Once your trays have dried, you simply pop them in the mail using the prepaid envelope included. Very convenient!

The whitening process…

How I whiten my sensitive teeth with SmileBrilliant!

My custom-fitted whitening trays fit perfectly over my upper and lower teeth. To whiten, you simply squirt a thin line of gel into each tray then wear the trays for your allotted time. Because I have sensitive teeth, I followed the whitening process with the desensitizing gel, which re-hydrates teeth and cuts down on discomfort.

My thoughts…

Smile Brilliant makes whitening your teeth very convenient and much more affordable than going to the dentist. Results should be seen in 7-14 days, and I started noticing a difference about a week after treatment. The first day I only used the whitening treatment for 15 minutes because my bottom teeth were stinging; however, the discomfort did not last long, and the first day was the only time I found the whitening treatment truly uncomfortable.

The replenishing gel is a must for people with sensitive teeth. The whitening process dehydrates teeth, which can cause sensitivity, but the replenishing gel replaces the minerals that are lost and helps to prevent discomfort during the whitening process.

The whitening trays can be worn for 15 minutes and up to 3 hours. I usually wore them for 3o minutes then followed with the replenishing gel. Obviously, the longer your teeth are in contact with the whitening gel, the quicker you will see results. Whitening treatments should stop when you no longer see results, but you can reapply in 3-4 months.

My results…

How I whiten my sensitive teeth with SmileBrilliant!

The biggest difference I noticed after using Smile Brilliant is that my teeth have a uniform color. Before my teeth were white at the tips but grew yellower the closer they got to my gums. This yellowing has faded as have some of the darker stains between my teeth. The results are a bit more noticeable in person, and I’m very happy that the yellow tinge on my teeth has faded.

How I whiten my sensitive teeth with SmileBrilliant!

I’m looking forward to using the whitening treatment again in a few months. When properly stored, the teeth whitening gel has a shelf life of one to two years, so your smile can keep getting brighter and brighter. I’m very curious to see the results I would get after a longer application, but for now, I am enjoying my natural looking white teeth.

Curious to know what other people think about Smile Brilliant? Check out their reviews and testimonials page! And, watch the video below for a review you don’t want to miss…

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